Tidbits of New Official Information

Hero TV Fan vol. 2 came out on 11/16, Official Hero Book 2 on 11/18. There’s not much information available yet, but finally enough to warrant a post. I don’t think there’ll be anything revolutionary in these books since Hero Gossips was pretty definitive (but I’ll review them anyway once I get my copies hopefully next week). I’m including also some interesting stuff from Hero Awards 2011 pamphlet. There are some sample photos from Official Hero Book 2 here.

Again, thanks to translatorbros for translating.

Mixed stuff (not sure of which is from where):

  • The hospital Tomoe was in is located in Sternbild.
  • One of the residents of Oriental Town is a magnetic NEXT.
  • According to Nishida, Maverick isn’t a completely wicked man.
  • (partially paraphrased) Maverick was affectionate with Barnaby, in his own way. Things like cooking for him and such in private continued for many years.
  • (partially paraphrased) In episode 23, Barnaby’s memory did not return completely at once. At first he was roughly in his episode 2 state.
  • About Barnaby: The only people with whom he ever interacts without pretense and also shows his brittle aspects are his trusted family and his precious partner [大切な相手].

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Translations from the article in Newtype November

Quick translations by Translatorbros from the Tiger & Bunny article in Newtype:

Kotetsu & Barnaby Synchro Check!

In the previews, they introduce themselves as “the one who”, but are there any quirks that actually apply to Morita and Hirata? Continue reading

Translations from feature in Animedia November

Partial translation of the feature spread in Animedia November issue. The theme was Doctor Matsui’s Waiting Room. (Matsui is one of the producers of the anime.) Thanks to translatorbros for translating!

Today’s Waiting Room (bolded stuff is translated under the cut):

Kotetsu: Diminishing powers
Barnaby: Trauma
Karina: Love sickness
Keith: Natural Airhead
Nathan: Woman at heart
Antonio: Work troubles
Ivan: Obesity
Pao-lin: Puberty
Kaede: Rebellious age

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