Translations from feature in Animedia November

Partial translation of the feature spread in Animedia November issue. The theme was Doctor Matsui’s Waiting Room. (Matsui is one of the producers of the anime.) Thanks to translatorbros for translating!

Today’s Waiting Room (bolded stuff is translated under the cut):

Kotetsu: Diminishing powers
Barnaby: Trauma
Karina: Love sickness
Keith: Natural Airhead
Nathan: Woman at heart
Antonio: Work troubles
Ivan: Obesity
Pao-lin: Puberty
Kaede: Rebellious age

Doctor Matsui’s assessments:

Kotetsu Kaburagi

Knows that Kaede considers him cool, which increased his genki levels hundredfold!

Let’s hope he maintains that good will and keeps working hard. Finding a proper way to utilize his one-minute powers will be a problem. It is recommended he doesn’t shirk his training and keeps an eye on his health and powers.

Facing Barnaby in episode 23 was devastating, but when Barnaby remembered him he cried from joy.

Health Check:

  • NEXT powers present (currently one minute)
  • Extensive physical damage
  • Mentally feeling great and refreshed
  • Favorable human relationships in the work-place

Barnaby Brooks Jr.

“Violated” by Maverick; temporarily retired from the Hero business, but has made a come-back while keeping the memory of his parents in his heart.

Coming to terms with the 20 year long betrayal of the person he trusted and Samantha’s death will take time. But Barnaby is young, diligent and still has his powers. It is recommended that he looks forward, but doesn’t forget his past at the same time. He will need to be careful about his mental health, though.

Health Check:

  • NEXT powers present
  • Physical damage present, but he doesn’t care
  • Extensive mental damage
  • Favorable human relationships in the work-place

Had Kotetsu died there, he wouldn’t have recovered from the trauma. Good thing he survived!

Sky High (Keith Goodman)

Strength from air-headedness? His disposition is unvariably that of the King of Heroes!

Assessment: It works for him, so he should keep it up. He is a positive and proactive person, so being an airhead is not a problem in his case. He’s also very diligent when it comes to his training.

Origami Cyclone (Ivan Karelin)

Risk of obesity.

Assessment: Has decided to incorporate sumo elements into his work, but let’s hope he doesn’t adopt the sumo lifestyle as well. Stop him, Edward!

[Note: Sumo wrestler’s diet isn’t the healthiest out there.]

Kaede Kaburagi

Rebellious age. “I’m no longer a child!” She spent some time living with Kotetsu and it seems that was more than enough.

Assessment: Maintaining sound mental and physical health is crucial for having good family relations. Did she really say that Kotetsu was laying around doing nothing and being lame? Maybe she didn’t. (laugh)

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