Event Summary – Tiger & Bunny 2: Precious EVE

Well, I think I need to lie down after all the news that we’ve had today.

The evening showing for the Precious EVE event has just finished and my goodness we have a lot of TIGER & BUNNY 2 related news to unpack. To anyone unfamiliar, Precious EVE is a celebratory public event for the fans to come together and celebrate the upcoming release of TIGER & BUNNY 2, out on 8th April 2022 exclusively over on Netflix. This was hosted by the seiyuu cast, behind the scenes staff and held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Japan, as well as being live streamed into Japanese homes and theatres around the country. The event was split into a day and an evening showings, revealing all exclusive news including new heroes, new sponsorships, collaborations, the opening theme song, merchandise and much more! And we’re here to give you the highlights of both showings.

The event began with a reintroduction of our familiar and loved cast, Hiroaki Hirata (Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger) and Masakazu Morita (Barnaby Brooks Jr.) taking centre stage, being backed up by their live action Hero suit actors and the rest of the wonderful returning cast, Gou Inoue (Sky High), Minako Kotobuki (Blue Rose), Mariya Ise (Dragon Kid), Taiten Kusunoki (Rock Bison) and Shinichirou Oota (Mario). Unfortunately Nobuhiko Okamoto (Origami Cyclone) and Kenjiro Tsuda (Fire Emblem) could not participate due to other work commitments, but recorded special messages, expressing how glad they are that the show has returned. The main cast were full of never-ending high spirits throughout both showings, with playful bickering and bantering exchanged between them all, making it hard to believe that so much time has passed since the show’s initial debut all the way back in April 2011, just because of how enthusiastic and wholesome they were.

We were then introduced to 3 new Heroes that will be starring in TIGER & BUNNY 2. From the left:

Hero Name: He Is Thomas (yes this is really his Hero name!)
Civilian name: Thomas Taurus
V.A.: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Powers: Psychokinesis

Hero Name: Mr. Black
Civilian Name: Subaru Sengoku
V.A.: Shoya Chiba
Powers: Creating barriers

Hero Name: Magical Cat
Civilian Name: Lara Tchaikoskaya
V.A.: Tomori Kusunoki
Powers: Manipulating water

(Disclaimer: to our knowledge there are no official romanizations for Thomas and Lara’s names and these are our best guesses based on the katakana.) Update: Character profiles have been added to the official site and spelling has been corrected to match!

We’ve currently got a poll running over on our This is Sternbild twitter, where you can decide which new hero is your favourite, so get involved before it’s too late! Although if you have not already fallen in love with the Hero “He is Thomas” just by his name alone, then I’m sorry you may need to reexamine your choices.

The new cast expressed how they were slightly nervous being apart of T&B just because of how loved this 10-year-old franchise is, but felt very welcomed by the existing cast, quickly becoming a part of the “Tiger & Bunny family”.

The initial introductions were then followed by a Seiyuu Talk section, as the cast answered questions about their experiences when recording for TIGER & BUNNY 2. Due to the pandemic, the cast weren’t able to record all together this time for safety precautions. Minako Kotobuki (Blue Rose) also recorded for her role whilst being aboard during her 1-year study in the United Kingdom, so they were all very glad to be back together again.

There was a special Q&A section dedicated to the series’ behind the scenes staff, featuring Mitsuko Kase, Director for TIGER & BUNNY 2, and series’ returning Main Script Writer/Series Composition, Masafumi Nishida, along with Character/Hero Suits Designer, Masakazu Katsura. They were being very tight lipped about the new plot, joking that Katsura may be the most likely person to accidently spoil it, resulting in him getting scolded by Netflix. Kase was already a fan of the series and was initially overwhelmed to have been chosen as director for TIGER & BUNNY 2, but was grateful to have been given the position. Nishida also confirmed that he wrote the plot for TIGER & BUNNY 2 back in 2015, stopped, brought it back 3 years later to then rewrite the plot from scratch. The 2015 version of the plot was primarily set outside Stern Bild and still featured the main cast.

Another video interview with the behind the scenes staff will be made available to ticket holders, releasing on the 26th March 2022.

The next segment focused on the new chosen sponsors for all the Hero suits! Around 300 applications were submitted by companies wanting to become a potential sponsor and was rounded down to 54 in the end. Some returning sponsors are back like Bandai, LAWSON, S.H. Figuarts, Tanita, Tamashii Nations. We say goodbye to the memorable Pepsi NEX, but welcome a whole band wagon of new sponsors like Coolish, PAC-MAN, Line, BUFFALO, Don Quijote, Passlogy, Yostar, Zoff, Sunshine City, Kleenex, JP Post, even Bandai Namco Pictures themselves, just to name a very small selection! Even the Double Chaser has sponsors of its own now!

You can see all the new sponsors over on the TIGER & BUNNY website! We can’t wait to see what merchandise and collaborations come out these partnerships.

Speaking of merchandise and collaborations, we had a huge number of announcements throughout the show, from Golfing collabs, to a PAC-MAN collab, to mobile gaming collabs, to new S.H. Figuarts, it was never ending! Most importantly, it has been confirmed that we will be seeing two new manga serializations, starting in April, that are being drawn and written by familiar names to the series. Mizuki Sakakibara will be returning to adapt TIGER & BUNNY 2 into manga with Comic Newtype, which will be readable online. Whilst series’ scripter writer, Erika Yoshida and illustrator, Hiroshi Ueda, team up once again to start TIGER & BUNNY 2 The Comic, from April 15th 2022.

The next section debuted several newly written and performed mini drama shorts which were acted out by the seiyuu cast, featuring fun stories such; as Wild Tiger and Barnaby becoming a video game! Cooking with Blue Rose and a very last minute substitute in the form of Rock Bison; Tongue Twisters with Sky High and Dragon Kid and finding out who was awarded the King or Queen of Heroes after The Rising.

Finally the show slowly winded down with a musical section by the returning band, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, who performed all the theme songs that they have written for the series and movies, along with performing the song “I wanna Believe” and the new opening theme for TIGER & BUNNY 2 “kaleido proud fiesta”.

It was also confirmed that singer, Ano, will be making her debut with their new ending theme song for the series, titled “Aida”.

The show ended with a humble thanks from all the cast and staff, who expressed their appreciation of the never ending love from the fans of the show, even after all these years and leaving us with a brand new trailer that can be seen here:

So what did you think of the trailer and the new heroes? You can join the conversation also on our Twitter and Discord, links are in the sidebar!

We can’t even begin to express how excited we are for Tiger & Bunny 2 and how heart warming it was to see the ongoing support from the fans and staff alike during the Precious EVE event, proving how eternal the series really is.

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Season 2 Updates!

Hello guys, it’s time that we bring you up to speed with the current Taibani shenanigans in our world of 2021 (which is also the 10th anniversary of the series), as so much has happened, it’s absolutely surreal.

First and most importantly, TIGER & BUNNY 2, the sequel series to the original show, will be airing in April 2022! This will be a 25 episodes production, exclusively distributing on Netflix worldwide, split into 2 parts. Episodes 1-13 will be available immediately, whilst the latter part will be aired at a later date!/

Season 2 key visual.

TIGER & BUNNY 2 will follow the events after The Rising and will have the returning cast that we all know and love to voice our now senior Heroes! To be produced by Bandai Namco Pictures this time around and will be helmed by new director to the series, Mitsuko Kase. There is a small description of the series over on the main TIGER & BUNNY site:

“Stern Bild City is a place where various races, ethnic groups, and people with special abilities called NEXT coexist, and where there are heroes who use their NEXT abilities to protect the peace. The heroes, carrying the logos of their sponsors, are busy solving crimes and saving lives in order to improve the image of their companies and earn hero points. Their activities are broadcast on the popular TV program “Hero TV”, where they compete in the annual ranking to become the King of Heroes. Today as well, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr. continue their hero activities for the sake of peace, and to improve the image of their company, Apollon Media. The Hero System that originated in Stern Bild has now been introduced in various parts of the world, the number of heroes is on the rise, and new heroes have entered Stern Bild too. Kotetsu and Barnaby are expected to play an active role as senior heroes, but will they?!”

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s more! Before April’s release, a public event will be held on Saturday 12th March 2022 at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Japan, titled “TIGER & BUNNY 2 Precious EVE”. Hirata Hiroaki (Kotetsu) & Morita Masakazu (Barnaby) will be appearing, along with more guest appearances (to be announced) to celebrate the upcoming release.

This event will be split into 2 sessions, a day time & evening session. The daytime session will focus on T&B2 info, which includes the reveal of new characters & new company sponsors for the suits. The evening session will include a stage reading by the cast and a look back on the history of the series & the future. There will be live streaming & pay-per-view options to watch the event. Not currently confirmed if it is region blocked or not, but more details will follow!

So plenty of Taibani content to look forward to in 2022! It’s so crazy to see something that we were obsessed over on a week to week basis all the way back in 2011, is returning in such a powerful stride, 11 years later. Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling, I don’t think any words really can! But what we can confidently say is that we’ll be watching in April and we hope that you will be too.

Stay up to date on all TIGER & BUNNY related news over on our Twitter or come chat with us on Discord!

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Hero Station special on BN Live TV

So, yesterday there was a 3 hour long special broadcast on Bandai Namco Live TV, all about what’s going on with Tiger & Bunny. To sum the whole thing up in one picture:

Yep. I think I need to work on my stamina, I was starting to be really out of it after the first two hours. I was gonna write this all down yesterday but I’d promised to do some stuff in the evening and I just couldn’t brain any more Japanese at that point anyway.

A lot of stuff they showed was things we’ve seen before or already knew about, but there were a few new and interesting things:

My Private HERO iPhone/Android app. Basically you can have Kotetsu or Barnaby in your smartphone and he’ll react to things, like movement. If you poke him, Kotetsu will laugh and Barnaby will act coldly. Ozaki himself showed the app. I’m really hoping it’ll be available on Android market because DO WANT. (They also showed actual gameplay of the PSP game and it does look really good!)

They showed videos from the stage play rehearsals and video messages from the cast. The important thing about the stage play TIGER & BUNNY THE LIVE is that you can pay to watch it online. (I’m ashamed to admit I actually completely missed this fact during the broadcast, I think I was trying to save a screencap when they talked about it and I was too distracted to notice it.) After poking a while around the site where you’ll be able to watch it I concluded that you’ll need to make an account at Bandai Channel before you can order it (which is pretty simple process) and you can then pay the ticket by credit card. I am not sure if the stream is region blocked, though. Normally Bandai Channel is only available in Japan, but Bandai Namco Live TV is also available overseas. The player on the stream page loads for me, so that seems to indicate it’s not restricted. The stream is of the performance on September 1st, and it’s a live stream as far as I can tell, so it won’t be available on demand. If you buy the ticket in advance you get a discount.

There’s going to be a live viewing event with the Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- World Premiere, and it’ll include performances by the artists whose songs are featured in the movie. But that’s not all, there’ll also be a Hero Song Live, with the character songs.

Ozaki had a report of his trips to Anime Expo (in the US) and Japan Expo (in France), and they showed the same sample clip of the English dub we’ve seen before. They also talked about Namjatown café event, and merchandise and again merchandise.

If you missed the stream yesterday, there’s a recording of it available here. The caps I managed to take during the broadcast are in our Facebook album.

Cute cast being cute.

Ozaki’s tweets about the movie premiere

Our favourite moe oyaji, executive producer Ozaki went on one of his tweet sprees about the movie premiere. At the same time, the official site was updated with the new main visual and the new trailer featuring UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s song written for the movie is also streaming.

The new main visual.

Aki translated the tweets from Ozaki. Original tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

“We’re organizing large-scale events on the first day of screenings including the movie viewing (in the event venue and during the live viewings), codenamed “World Premiere” (twice during night and day). Even looking at this from a global perspective, it’s a unique thing we’ve never tried before, but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it together.”

“Of course, since it’s the movie premiere, you’ll be able to see it in the regular cinemas as well. I guess it’d be easier to imagine what it’s going to be if I say it’s a movie screening event including live talks and a really great on-scene greeting for all the fans. The event will be about 4 hours long, including breaks.”

“Right now we’re trying to reserve an event venue that’d be as big as possible. However, there’s a high possibility that no matter what kind of a place we reserve, we might still have problems with accomodating all the people interested in seeing it – so to satisfy the wishes of fans from different places, we decided to prepare the live viewings in the cinemas all around Japan.”

“I recommend our event both to those who’d like to see it in the venue, and to those who’d like to enjoy it during the live viewings in cinemas while watching the movie on a big screen and with the cinematic sound effects. For those who’d like to just enjoy the movie, I recommend going to a regular cinema.”

“When we decide where the viewings and the event itself are to be held (probably somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo), we’ll announce it on the official site. Same goes for the ticket sales schedule. Please wait for the announcements from the cinemas.”

“We’d also like to let those who live in the places where the movie screenings start from October see the live viewings in their home area. Thanks to people from TJOY and Shochiku, I think we’ll be able to provide live viewings in about 100 places around Japan.”

The second version of the advance tickets is also available now, you get a pair of mascots with your purchase. The first version tickets came with Wild Tiger crapsuit card.

Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- information from around the interwebs

Tiger & Bunny was featured on morning TV in Japan the other day, and new footage of the movie was shown. The theme song for the movie “Linear Blue wo Kikinagara” will be performed by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN who also performed the first opening “Orion wo nazoru”. The new NEXT appearing in the movie is called Robin and he’ll be voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei.

The new Cinema★Cinema magazine features Tiger & Bunny movies, and there’s information also in other new magazines on the movie.

From this month’s Otona Animedia’s interview with Yonetani:

  • Tiger & Barnaby’s suits will be explored in more detail in the movie.
  • Sky High, Origami, and Blue Rose’s suit gimmicks will also get some attention.
  • The scenes concerning T&B’s suits are somewhat prominent.
  • The way the other heroes interacted with the main pair at first will be shown.
  • Shadowing, mouth movement, and the way eyes are drawn have been revised and made more cohesive; the old footage has been fixed accordingly.

Animage, Yonetani’s interview:

  • The movie’s story is based on episodes 1 and 2.
  • From now on Nishida is not just the script writer, but the “story director”.
  • Among other things the movie contains scenes from the first meeting between Barnaby and the other heroes.
  • Close-up on Tomoe will be there as well.

Animage, Hirata’s and Morita’s interview:

  • The voice recording is all done.
  • The movie is 90 minutes long.
  • Plenty of “behind the scenes” material; for example the way Tiger & Barnaby’s suits work and how they put them on.


  • An interview with Hirata and Morita.
  • Next month’s issue will have Tiger & Bunny on the cover and it will contain a special novel.

Cinema★Cinema cover plus special: Tiger & Bunny The Movie:

  • Cover, insert and a double-sided pinup.
  • Opening special “Crazy About Partners”.
  • Interview with director Yoshitomo Yonetani and Ozaki.
  • Hirata and Morita talk “‘Buddy’ Only Knows”.
  • A look back at the partner masterpiece Tiger & Bunny.
  • Sneak peak at T&B The Live.

If you experience lust for the Cinema★Cinema magazine, I found it at least at CDJapan (though their rates for magazine shipping are horrible).

A new movie trailer will be available on July 7th in theaters in Japan, featuring the new song. I’m not certain if it will be available online simultaneously or if we have to wait a bit.

(Sources: T&Bros on /a/ and Tumblr.)

And totally unrelated, but I got my copy of KING OF WORKS and I’ll see if I can get a review together this weekend with plenty of pics!