The official site updated with a nice preview of the upcoming KING OF WORKS archive. The final look of the set might still change since this is a concept picture, but this gives a better idea of what you’re getting than just listing the things. And speaking of lists, here’s what the archive contains:

  1. Settings Collection (B4 size, 256 pages)
  2. Scripts Collection (B5 size, two volumes with 208 pages each)
  3. Original Illustrations Collection (B4 size, 144 pages)
  4. A box to hold all of it.
  5. Calendar (September 2012 to August 2013)
  6. Illustration of Kotetsu and Barnaby (no preview for that yet)

The total page count (without the calendar) is 816, and the price for all this is still the same as before, 5,880 JPY.

The Japanese fans are calling KING OF WORKS a “definitive blunt weapon”, and it’s going to be quite a hefty package. For comparison, this pile of books has 768 pages and it weighs almost exactly three (3) kilos:

News About The Tiger & Bunny Game

Anyone still remember the Tiger & Bunny game that was announced last year? Now there’s finally some information about it in the latest issue of Newtype Ace!

The game will be for Sony PSP. You’ll be playing as Wild Tiger, Barnaby is a non-playable character but still your partner. You’ll be catching criminals and earning points in the Hero Ranking. Release is Autumn 2012, but this is probably subject to change.

By the way, PSP is region-free, so it doesn’t require hijinks to get this game to play on foreign PSPs. I’m definitely going to order it, I have my doubts that this won’t get ported to the English speaking market any time soon, if at all.

(Thanks to PJA for the tip!)

Update: Source and some more info added.

TIGER & BUNNY -The Beginning- Movie Trailer!

The movie trailer we’ve been waiting for is finally available at the official Tiger & Bunny site. As usual, normal servers aren’t built to endure a horde of T&B fans rushing to get the latest goodies, so if the video doesn’t load just wait a bit and try again.

The trailer is really short – too short in our opinion. We want more Tiger & Bunny! One thing is clear, though; they finally got some proper animation budget. The movement is so smooth. Most of the cuts shown on the trailer are new material, and we are really looking forward to seeing the rest.

Ozaki mentioned they are planning an international release for the movie, not just for the Asian market but also to the West. This probably means the countries where it was simulcast, so keep your fingers crossed…

Update: Youtube video added.

Ustream Special Lag And New Sponsors

Hirata: *photobombs*
Morita: “Ojisan!”

I did my best to watch the special on Ustream, but the extreme lag made it really difficult. Seems that they didn’t show the trailer, but I’m not 100% sure because the stream blacked out for minutes at one point, exactly when they were talking about the movie. Ozaki, Hirata and Morita were chatting and they seemed to have a lot of fun but the stuttering and constant freezes made it impossible to keep up with what exactly they were talking about.

New Sponsors

The movie will have the heroes with some new sponsors. The official movie site has them all listed with pictures of the placement, but here they are for convenience:

Wild Tiger: SoftBank, S.H. Figuarts, FamilyMart (new)
Barnaby Brooks Jr.: Bandai, Crusade,
Blue Rose: Pepsi NEX
Rock Bison: Gyu-Kaku, HYBRID Futomen Doudou (new)
Sky High: Ustream, Tamashii Nations, T-Joy (new), MOVIX (new)
Dragon Kid: Calbee, DAM (new)
Fire Emblem: Animate, Domino’s Pizza (new)
Origami Cyclone: Takasu Clinic, Namu Kyara Ouendan, minimini (new), Bandai Visual Club (new)

So only Barnaby and Blue Rose didn’t get any new sponsors. To me the FamilyMart logo on Wild Tiger’s suit looks weird since the old advertisements blended so well with it. Anyways. Brace your wallets because you do realize what these new sponsors mean?

Yeah. Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts The Movie Edition are looming in the future.

Also, Morita will be a guest in Hoshizora Sunrise radio tomorrow, and starting April he’ll also be a personality hosting Hero Radio on Ustream. (Again, region locked.)

Breaking The Radio Silence, And Some Movie Info

It’s been a while since the last post, though I admit not much has happened, apart from Hirata Hiroaki winning a seiyuu award for his role as Kotetsu (we’re still hoping for Morita to get an award for his role, because damn he was good). Also, Aki was busy with her studies and I was sick for almost two weeks so the time&energy haven’t been on our side.

My wallet started to feel a bit better and more supportive of my shopping habit when I got a full time job for two months starting this week. Then I celebrated my new job by ordering the limited edition of Katsura’s artbook and now my wallet has a nervous twitch. (I had been lusting for that book for months so it just couldn’t be helped.) The downside is that due to my new working hours, I may miss the preorder window of chibi-arts Kotetsu tomorrow.

Ok, enough personal blogging, and on to…

Movie Info

Some magazine spoilers are popping up on 2ch, here’s what we got so far via /a/:

  • The first movie is a partially a retelling of the TV series integrating Kotetsu’s past; the movie is centered on Kotetsu’s past and the unknown side of Barnaby, and provides a deeper look into the two of them. Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani.
  • The second movie is an all-new story, which will also contain some new characters, though the old supporting cast will be explored too. The two movies are standalone.
  • The ticket sales start on March 24 and there will be a live programme on Ustream the same day.
  • Satou will not direct either of the movies due to schedule conflicts, but he is participating in the planning.
  • The first movie incorporates a different POV than the TV series and has a lot of “behind the scenes” happenings.
  • Two thirds of the movie is new material.
  • Heroes will have their moments.
  • Matsui: We will see a different side of closed and revenge-focused Barnaby. It wasn’t seen that much within the TV series, but it has been present the whole time. I think he will be shown as an even more fascinating individual.

SOLD OUT: The Tickets Edition

Nishida on the movies:

  • Q: What should we expect from Kotetsu and Barnaby? What about the two of them would you like to show?
    N: The two movies are set at different points chronologically, so writing about the different distance between them is very enjoyable. They are bound by a very close and firm bond, but I would like to write about how their different ages and circumstances will be causing trouble.

So I was right when I suspected Satou wouldn’t be directing, he’s just too busy. I hope Nishida won’t rewrite what doesn’t need rewriting. There’s no reason to retcon anything.

Update: More stuff from Animage.

  • The first movie’s script is completely done, but Nishida is still writing the second’s.
  • Nishida not only writes the story/script, but also checks the storyboards.
  • Tamura about the first movie: The events connect to one incident seen in the TV series as well. And as the events and memories unfold and are added, the character exploration takes place. We hope that even people who have never seen T&B before will be able to say “Oh, so this is what the story was about.”

Movie site is now open!