Animation comparison charts

Animation comparison charts rom both cours, pilot, and TV to BD/DVD comparisons (via Otanews). Most of the BD/DVD fixes may look weird at first but they actually look way better once you see the animation in movement. Click for full sizes, and more under the cut.

(I was going to post these earlier but I had already been pretty bloggy the day I found them so I forgot… Derp.)

1st cour comparisons

2nd cour comparisons

OP/ED/Pilot Comparisons

TV to BD/DVD correction comparisons 1

TV to BD/DVD correction comparisons 2

TV to BD/DVD correction comparisons 3

TV to BD/DVD correction comparisons 4


6 comments on “Animation comparison charts

    • Haha yeah, I’m glad they caught that. He looks so odd without it.
      Speaking of which they seem to have actually made his beard thicker in the BR/DVD….and sometimes it looks kind of weird. …but then not all the time, sometimes its the same….curious….

      I’m kind of amused that in some it’s like they de-moefied him and then in others they made him more moe. Some of the facial expression changes are cracking me up too. oh kotestu you special special man.

  1. Havent had the time to look at them all yet but in the first picture…. what on earth is going on with Yuri’s eyebrows in episode 10…

    (I also love how Barnaby seems to have no ears in the episode 7 pic)

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh at the Karina screenshot.. It seems that they’re making everyone more ‘consistent’?

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