Ozaki’s tweets about the movie premiere

Our favourite moe oyaji, executive producer Ozaki went on one of his tweet sprees about the movie premiere. At the same time, the official site was updated with the new main visual and the new trailer featuring UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s song written for the movie is also streaming.

The new main visual.

Aki translated the tweets from Ozaki. Original tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

“We’re organizing large-scale events on the first day of screenings including the movie viewing (in the event venue and during the live viewings), codenamed “World Premiere” (twice during night and day). Even looking at this from a global perspective, it’s a unique thing we’ve never tried before, but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it together.”

“Of course, since it’s the movie premiere, you’ll be able to see it in the regular cinemas as well. I guess it’d be easier to imagine what it’s going to be if I say it’s a movie screening event including live talks and a really great on-scene greeting for all the fans. The event will be about 4 hours long, including breaks.”

“Right now we’re trying to reserve an event venue that’d be as big as possible. However, there’s a high possibility that no matter what kind of a place we reserve, we might still have problems with accomodating all the people interested in seeing it – so to satisfy the wishes of fans from different places, we decided to prepare the live viewings in the cinemas all around Japan.”

“I recommend our event both to those who’d like to see it in the venue, and to those who’d like to enjoy it during the live viewings in cinemas while watching the movie on a big screen and with the cinematic sound effects. For those who’d like to just enjoy the movie, I recommend going to a regular cinema.”

“When we decide where the viewings and the event itself are to be held (probably somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo), we’ll announce it on the official site. Same goes for the ticket sales schedule. Please wait for the announcements from the cinemas.”

“We’d also like to let those who live in the places where the movie screenings start from October see the live viewings in their home area. Thanks to people from TJOY and Shochiku, I think we’ll be able to provide live viewings in about 100 places around Japan.”

The second version of the advance tickets is also available now, you get a pair of mascots with your purchase. The first version tickets came with Wild Tiger crapsuit card.

Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- information from around the interwebs

Tiger & Bunny was featured on morning TV in Japan the other day, and new footage of the movie was shown. The theme song for the movie “Linear Blue wo Kikinagara” will be performed by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN who also performed the first opening “Orion wo nazoru”. The new NEXT appearing in the movie is called Robin and he’ll be voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei.

The new Cinema★Cinema magazine features Tiger & Bunny movies, and there’s information also in other new magazines on the movie.

From this month’s Otona Animedia’s interview with Yonetani:

  • Tiger & Barnaby’s suits will be explored in more detail in the movie.
  • Sky High, Origami, and Blue Rose’s suit gimmicks will also get some attention.
  • The scenes concerning T&B’s suits are somewhat prominent.
  • The way the other heroes interacted with the main pair at first will be shown.
  • Shadowing, mouth movement, and the way eyes are drawn have been revised and made more cohesive; the old footage has been fixed accordingly.

Animage, Yonetani’s interview:

  • The movie’s story is based on episodes 1 and 2.
  • From now on Nishida is not just the script writer, but the “story director”.
  • Among other things the movie contains scenes from the first meeting between Barnaby and the other heroes.
  • Close-up on Tomoe will be there as well.

Animage, Hirata’s and Morita’s interview:

  • The voice recording is all done.
  • The movie is 90 minutes long.
  • Plenty of “behind the scenes” material; for example the way Tiger & Barnaby’s suits work and how they put them on.


  • An interview with Hirata and Morita.
  • Next month’s issue will have Tiger & Bunny on the cover and it will contain a special novel.

Cinema★Cinema cover plus special: Tiger & Bunny The Movie:

  • Cover, insert and a double-sided pinup.
  • Opening special “Crazy About Partners”.
  • Interview with director Yoshitomo Yonetani and Ozaki.
  • Hirata and Morita talk “‘Buddy’ Only Knows”.
  • A look back at the partner masterpiece Tiger & Bunny.
  • Sneak peak at T&B The Live.

If you experience lust for the Cinema★Cinema magazine, I found it at least at CDJapan (though their rates for magazine shipping are horrible).

A new movie trailer will be available on July 7th in theaters in Japan, featuring the new song. I’m not certain if it will be available online simultaneously or if we have to wait a bit.

(Sources: T&Bros on /a/ and Tumblr.)

And totally unrelated, but I got my copy of KING OF WORKS and I’ll see if I can get a review together this weekend with plenty of pics!

Dub cast completed!

Viz finished the announcements on the Tiger & Bunny English dub cast on their official T&B Facebook page. I figured that instead of the mess that is the ongoing discussion post, I’d compile them all in a tidier list. Some smaller roles are still missing, but this is what the main cast looks like:

Viz also published two short video clips from the dubbing studio on their Facebook page. Here’s Yuri Lowenthal as Barnaby and Wally Wingert as Wild Tiger.

We are really looking forward to the dub now. How about you guys?

Tiger & Bunny first movie to premiere in the UK on September 22

As I recall, Ozaki talked about wanting to bring the Tiger & Bunny movies to the West. And he has hereby stood behind his word.

MangaUK tweeted this image earlier today and when I saw the “Movie 1 Premiere” on the poster I thought “it couldn’t be…” but the U.K. fans – and consequently European fans since this brings the BDs and DVDs closer to our reach – are getting a really good treatment. The first BD/DVD combo volume is coming out October 29th in the U.K.

(I also noticed that Blue Rose is gone from the promotional poster. The poster looks so much better without her that it just underlines how pasted on she was in the previous version.)

I know I can’t be the only one planning a trip to the U.K. in September, right?

Update: According to The-O Network, Viz’s North American release of Tiger & Bunny on DVD and Blu-ray will be early 2013. It could mean that the dub will first be broadcast on TV in the USA, and it goes straight on DVD in the U.K.

Of course, the dates could be subject to change…

Let’s talk dub cast

Viz has started to trickle announcements on the Tiger & Bunny English dub cast on their official T&B Facebook page. So far we have:

At the current speed (announcement every other day) they can drag this on for weeks – and Kotetsu and Barnaby’s VA’s will probably be the last ones to be announced.

We don’t usually watch dubs, and the American voice actors we recognise we have learned to know from game dubs. Because of that we don’t really have any expectations, other than that we don’t want to hear Vic Mignogna in any role, and we would absolutely love to hear Yuri Lowenthal in some role, preferably as Ivan.

What do you think of the cast choices so far, and who would be in your dream voice cast?

Update: More cast announced.

  • Laura Bailey as Dragon Kid/Huang Pao-Lin
  • Kari Wahlgren as Blue Rose/Karina Lyle
  • John Eric Bentley as Fire Emblem/Nathan Seymour

I don’t know if my google-fu is failing or if John Eric Bentley hasn’t done notable anime work before, I only found an IMDB page that seems like it’s the right person.

Update 2: Another cast announcement adds…

Update: Back to the heroes (and crushing my casting hopes) with

Ivan was the only role that I really had someone in mind for, I was hoping for Yuri Lowenthal… I’ll still keep hoping he’ll appear in some other role. Now the only heroes that haven’t been announced yet are Wild Tiger and Barnaby, and we’re also still missing Lunatic.

Update: Tadah! Another cast announcement, and they’re still hoarding Tiger & Barnaby…

Update: I think we are nearing the end of the announcements! Today adds…

A very good choice indeed in my opinion. Maybe the next announcement will bring us Kotetsu & Barnaby.

Update: Viz issued a press release about T&B panel at Anime Expo and it included the following cast announcement:

Personally I wasn’t 100% sure if Yuri would be the right Barnaby but then again, I didn’t really think Morita was the right Barnaby either before I heard his performance. In any case, Yuri Lowenthal is our #1 favourite American VA here at This is Sternbild and WE ARE EXCITED, OH YES WE ARE. Now they just have Kotetsu to announce and the main cast will be complete.

Update the FINAL: And the cast is complete.