Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD Contents Listed On The Official Site

Hero Awards 2011 cover art by character designer Hayama Kenji.

Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD release contents were added to the official site today.


  • Skits
  • OP & ED artist performances
  • Hero introductions
  • Urgent Special Project: Let’s Connect With The Whole Country~ Origami-Rock-High live tweeting with everyone
  • Hero History
  • NEXT Project Step 2 announcement
  • Live viewing cast comments


  • Last episode live viewing talk digest
  • Pocket-size pamphlet (this is marked as subject to change on the official site)
  • Cover especially drawn by character designer Hayama Kenji

And I just have to say this. Barnaby, I know you have a “stylish” image but man, get a stylist. That suit is just…

Update: It just got more amusing. And here come the manips. More at subcultureblog.

15 comments on “Hero Awards 2011 BD/DVD Contents Listed On The Official Site

  1. At least he looks better than Boxaby in all his other suits. It’s sad when the old man is the stylish one of the duo, haha!

    • That’s true. I think Barnaby’s dressing problem is that he tries a bit too hard to be stylish… and the artists are almost cruelly good at showing his failures (like the speedo).

      As much as I love Barnaby, he’s just a bit too easy to make fun of.

  2. Oh Barnaby. Always setting your own fashion trends.

    I think I liked the buttons better than the ruffles. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t such a shocking shade of red…

  3. Call me weird but I kinda like Barnaby’s outfit… He looks nerdy-handsome to me, and maybe if you squint your eyes enough you’ll see it too. At least that suit is better than the other red one, with the million-buttons jacket. But like I said, maybe it’s just me!

    Kotetsu’s suit is gorgeous though. And his socks! hahaha! He obviously has water running in his basement. Oh, it’s a dutch proverb in case u don’t know, which basically means that he’s wearing slacks that are too short for him. Anyway, thanks for the post!

  4. What is this blasphemy?

    Barnaby looks totally awesomely OTT stylish! I mean, come on — how can you *not* love it? I wouldn’t dig it IRL, but on a drawing of a guy with that impossible hair and tinted glasses it’s so ridiculous that it works. I mean, there’s so much going on, and the red and white combo…I love, love, love it.

    I salute you and your fashion, Barnaby. Don’t ever stop! xD
    (btw you did good too, oyaji)

  5. Like it or not, Barnaby has a style that is … distinctly his own; be it buttons or ruffles. I can guarantee that the art has the wtf double-take effect that the creator was going for, that’s for sure!

    I find it interesting that artworks since the season ended (I won’t say “series” because I’m still hoping for a season 2) have depicted Kotetsu in his Ep. 25 style- Full lips, round cheeks, much younger look; instead of the harsh angles that characterized him earlier in the series. I really, really like it.
    And those legs… According to a popular writer on Fanfiction.Net, Kotetsu has a 37-inch inseam. As she tells it: “Kotetsu’s design is significantly leggier than almost every other character in the series (most of the other characters, Barnaby included, have legs about 50% their body height, which is what normal human proportions are. Kotetsu’s are about 55%), and I’m told that the animators were specifically instructed to draw his pants so that they didn’t quite reach his shoes and his socks were always visible. This inclines me to believe that Kotetsu’s leg length is intended to be exceptionally long, probably to emphasize his klutziness. (ever notice how Kotetsu’s more clumsy moments, like the pen-kicking incident and the derp run, involve his legs?)”

    • I’ve noticed Kotetsu’s long legs too, but I didn’t really pay attention to proportions. I leafed through the books to see if there was any reference to drawing his legs but I didn’t catch it.

  6. gotta hand it to them, there – the cover is eye-catching. i’m just not sure about Barnaby’s suit… then again, this is NC1979. so i guess it’s oddly appropriate?

    sans ruffles, keep the piping, and the change the color, that outfit would be bangin.

    Barnaby = formal hipster wear

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