BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 8

Some comparisons of fixes from vol. 8. No more “murdere”.

Click the images for full-size versions, our layout resizes them automatically so they look a bit blurry here.

2 comments on “BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 8

  1. I love these postings. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I swear I stare at them harder than a “Where’s Waldo” drawing and more times than not I STILL can’t figure out what that lil Pepsi bottle is pointing at, it’s such a subtle change. Still, I learned a few things: I can spell “Congratulations” and “Murder” correctly now, and I have to say it’s always nice to see Kotetsu in his crapsuit. Happy days ….

  2. am i blind because i really can’t see any difference in the Opening song comparison! 0__0

    thank you so much for posting this! i always love this kind of topic. Btw i still love the ‘murdere’ part. It’s so charming in its own way, feels like a variation of ‘Tsundere’ or ‘kuudere’ lol xD

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