Translations from Monthly Hero 6

Monthly Hero is a booklet that comes with the Limited Edition BDs. The 6th issue that came with vol. 6 has some interesting stuff. Putting these here for reference since I’ll probably need them for another post later.

Thanks to translatorbros for translating.

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BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 6

Some comparisons of fixes for episodes 14 and 15 from vol. 6 which is already out in Japan. Episode 14 especially needed a facelift, the fixes look really good to me.

Click the images for full-size versions, our layout resizes them automatically so they look a bit blurry here.

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Animation comparison charts

Animation comparison charts rom both cours, pilot, and TV to BD/DVD comparisons (via Otanews). Most of the BD/DVD fixes may look weird at first but they actually look way better once you see the animation in movement. Click for full sizes, and more under the cut.

(I was going to post these earlier but I had already been pretty bloggy the day I found them so I forgot… Derp.)

1st cour comparisons

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BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 5

The 5th volume is coming out tomorrow, September 22nd, but comparisons have already started popping up. They fixed the episode 13 yaranaika face… but it does look much better now. Also Chuckman’s moe eyes were fixed and the word is they’ve added blood to some scenes. Just a few comparisons so far but I’ll add more if/when I find them.

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Tiger & Barnaby’s character song CD on 7th place in Oricon ranking

Tiger & Barnaby’s character song CD “Seigi no Koe ga Kikoerukai” that was released on August 24th made it on 7th place on Oricon’s weekly CD single ranking. So far it has sold almost 18,000 copies, and it is the highest ranking anime CD single on this week’s Oricon list. It’s been doing well on the daily rankings, too, staying in Top 10 for four consecutive days (6th, 5th, 5th and 7th place). (sources: Oricon Youtaiju via MAL, Yaraon)

From comments I’ve read on the internet the CD’s been really well received and the fans like the songs, so we’re happy to see it do so well on the charts. (I’ve been looping the duet for hours and know the lyrics by heart now, so I really got nothing bad to say.)

In addition to that, Tiger & Bunny vol. 4 Limited Edition Blu-ray was on 2nd place on the ranking, losing only to Madoka Magica vol. 5. (Madoka’s numbers in sales are insanely hard to beat.)