For Fun: A Wild (Tiger) Birthday!


Even though we don’t know when Kotetsu’s birthday officially is, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, right? The Japanese side of the fandom has decided on a date to celebrate his birthday, with the following reason: Kotetsu is wearing amethysts (associated with February in general), and Tiger’s eye (the color of his eyes) is the birthstone of February 17.

So February 17th it is!

If you’ve taken part in the previous events, you know how this goes. Make some birthday goodies and take photos of them, then send the photos to us. This time you can send in digital fan art, pictures of traditional art or handicrafts, and as always in T&B style, pictures of food. Fried rice is always acceptable, and birthday cakes are a given. Include Kotetsu in the picture in some way to show the presents (or the party if you decide throw one) is for him!

Please send your pictures to mail[at] by February 18th.

(If you happen to be coming to Desucon Frostbite on the birthday weekend, you can meet T&B fans there and enjoy some cake. Just let us know if you’re coming so we can bring enough cake for everyone!)

Friend Rice Week 2012 – The Pictures!

It feels like it was only yesterday but Tiger & Bunny really ended a year ago… This year’s Friend Rice Week wasn’t as hectic as last year’s Friend Rice Event, but we still got lots of pictures. This time we were open also for cosplay and fan art, so there’s a lot more difference in the pictures than in the previous event. Thanks, and thanks again, everyone!

We hope everyone had fun cooking – and eating! Let’s believe heroes and support Tiger & Bunny!

On to the gallery! ->

Friend Rice Week 2012

It’s been a year since Friend Rice Event. We’re not sure if we should pat everyone on the back for an awesome job, or punch ourselves in the face for all the fried rice that’s popping up in the T&B merchandise.

Last year’s event was so much fun that we thought we’d cook some rice this year too (not that we need an excuse). Everyone’s welcome to join again! We’re accepting photos of fried rice in same style as last event, but also merchandise photos, cosplay photos, fan art, anything as long as it involves Tiger&Bunny and fried rice in some way.

You can send us your pictures any time between September 10th and 17th. You can email them to mail[at] or tweet at us @ThisIsSternbild. See ya in the kitchen!

Our Favourite T&B Things

Thank you, and again thank you to all who took part in our little celebration for a year of Tiger & Bunny! We didn’t get as many princess carries as we expected, but Figuarts are really popular judging from the photos.

I think that Tiger & Bunny will always remain a special thing for us. After it ended, we noticed that it had changed the way we view anime. We’ve also met a lot of great people through the fandom, from all over the world. The community that has developed around the series is wonderful, and you rarely see such dedication to support a series – I am of course talking about our shared desire to own everything that the merchandise producers put out.

Thank you, everyone, for sticking with us up to this point! Here’s to the next year – and hopefully many more after it – with Tiger & Bunny and all our T&Bros! Good luck with the preorders tomorrow, and with those that are still looming in the horizon!

Gallery: T&B 1st Anniversary Event – My Favourite Thing