Christmas Event Pin Designs

Design by Pilar.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas Event and made your own memorial pin designs. The event idea was given to us by our chat channel mascot, and he also got the honor of randoming the Hero Gossips book we had up for grabs. Congratulations to Kokocho!

You can see all the designs here.

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or another seasonal holiday you’re celebrating, we wish you Happy Holidays!

– derpchan & Aki_the_geek

(By the way, December 8th was a kind of unofficial memorial pin day because it’s the day Kotetsu buys the matching pins at the skating rink.)

Fried Rice Is Here To Stay

There are two things in Tiger & Bunny that one just doesn’t seem to be able to escape, and fried rice is one of them.

Recently, Bandai announced this fried rice set from Barnaby to Kotetsu that’s available on Premium Bandai. It was also featured in detail on Bandai Namco’s “Item Thursday” shopping program webcast, where the presenter read an excerpt from Nishida Masafumi’s blog post about the fried rice line in episode 24. Yeah, the same post that he made about Friend Rice Event Gallery. They didn’t mention the event itself in the program, but ever since then I’ve been wondering if the photos that everyone sent have contributed to stuff like this fried rice set being made. Rumour also has it that the planned Kotetsu and Barnaby Chibi-arts have fried rice plates as accessories.

The fried rice line is pretty popular also in Japan, it came in first among Barnaby’s lines in the King of Catchphrases poll that was held for Hero Awards 2011. And by the way, the Friend Rice Event Gallery still gets a steady daily traffic mostly from Japan. Like I was told on Twitter, maybe we have brought this poverty on ourselves now that they’re making all this fried rice merchandise. I regret nothing, even though my wallet has a seizure every month. Arranging the event was tons of fun.

Oh, the other thing you can’t escape?

Barnaby’s speedo. Just wait for Summer and there’ll be an official version of that speedo for sale and ready for sandy beach sandy beach~ ♪. I’m calling it.

Happy Birthday Barnaby Brooks Jr.!

Photos and birthday cake by Emmi & Anni.

 Happy Birthday, and Again Happy Birthday Barnaby Brooks Jr.!

And thank you, everyone who baked and cooked or made crafts or cards for our favourite Bunny! The main thing was to have fun together with Barnaby’s birthday, so we went easy with the rules of the event. Halloween crept also into the pictures. (I guess it couldn’t be helped. Besides, the few pumpkin carvings that we got look awesome!)

Check out the gallery here!

This time everything was less hectic than with Friend Rice, so we were able to reply to everyone in person. We’re really happy to hear that you all had fun with the event and that so many people (over 60!) participated!

We’d love to arrange more events in the future, and we are open for suggestions. Fanart? Cosplay? Something else? If you got an idea, toss it at us on Twitter or send an email to mail[at]

Privacy notice: All emails sent for the event will be kept until November 6th incase of errors with adding comments or crediting – if there’s an issue with a picture you submitted, please email us and note the number your picture has in the gallery (the number is in the filename, last two digits). After November 6th the emails will be deleted. No names or email addresses will be shared with a 3rd party.

For Fun: Barnaby’s Surprise Birthday Party 2011!

Hey, everyone loves surprises, right? Right?! We’re a bit more classier than getting the Birthday Boy mugged in a back alley while being all alone, though. So we decided to do something else to celebrate the birthday of one Barnaby Brooks, Jr. on October 31st.

How to take part:

Make something that falls under the following categories and take a photo of it!

  • Arts & crafts: handmade items such as plushies, birthday cards, traditional art, or other handicrafts. (Note: You can make part of the present digitally and print it, the photo must be of an actual item!)
  • Food: birthday cakes or other birthday themed food.

Let your creativity flow! Remember that all presents must indicate somehow that they are for Barnaby. You can include him in the photo in same fashion as in Friend Rice Event, but it’s not required as long as it’s clear from your photo that the present is for him. Since these are presents for Barnaby, they must be actual items. Please don’t send in cosplay photos or digital fanart. We’ll make a gallery of all the presents to celebrate his birthday together with everyone! You can freely promote the event to your friends, the more the merrier!

You can send your photos to mail[at] at any time before 12:00 (noon) CET on October 31st.

P.S. There’s also a Halloween themed event to celebrate Bunny’s birthday!