Friend Rice Week 2012 – The Pictures!

It feels like it was only yesterday but Tiger & Bunny really ended a year ago… This year’s Friend Rice Week wasn’t as hectic as last year’s Friend Rice Event, but we still got lots of pictures. This time we were open also for cosplay and fan art, so there’s a lot more difference in the pictures than in the previous event. Thanks, and thanks again, everyone!

We hope everyone had fun cooking – and eating! Let’s believe heroes and support Tiger & Bunny!

On to the gallery! ->

3 comments on “Friend Rice Week 2012 – The Pictures!

  1. All of these pictures are so lovely I’m crying! By the time I remembered it was Friend Rice Week it was already too late to send something T.T

    I’ll keep on supporting T&B despite my memory failing on me.

  2. This was my first time entering the Friend Rice Week and it was an overwhelming experience! It’s just so great that you keep doing these things, you make T&B fandom much more enjoyable! Thanks to you and to everyone who participated, believing into heroes has never been this fun~!

    P.S I almost fainted when I saw my and Tervaperse’s entry as the opening picture, thanks for picking it ;w;

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