Friend Rice Week 2012

It’s been a year since Friend Rice Event. We’re not sure if we should pat everyone on the back for an awesome job, or punch ourselves in the face for all the fried rice that’s popping up in the T&B merchandise.

Last year’s event was so much fun that we thought we’d cook some rice this year too (not that we need an excuse). Everyone’s welcome to join again! We’re accepting photos of fried rice in same style as last event, but also merchandise photos, cosplay photos, fan art, anything as long as it involves Tiger&Bunny and fried rice in some way.

You can send us your pictures any time between September 10th and 17th. You can email them to mail[at] or tweet at us @ThisIsSternbild. See ya in the kitchen!


3 comments on “Friend Rice Week 2012

    • Both me and Aki are incredibly busy the week movie premieres. If we let the event run all the way to premiere, I don’t know when we’d be able to post the pictures. Now the event runs the same week as it did last year, we though that’d be fitting.

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