Sternbild Friend Rice Event Complete Gallery

A huge THANK YOU, and again THANK YOU!


We received photos from over 300 people from all around the world, and many people sent several. We’re so happy that Japanese fans sent photos too.

We would also like to thank everyone for the messages and thanks to us two. Reading about how much fun everyone had while cooking made us really happy, and it was all of you who turned this event into a great success!




Friend Rice Event Photo Gallery


Please note: We are keeping all the emails with event submissions until September 30th, just incase there are any miscredited pictures or missing comments. After that they will be deleted. No personal information or email addresses will be shared with a third party. Please contact us via email mail[at] or on Twitter @ThisIsSternbild if you have any issues or concerns. If your issue is with any of the gallery photos, please include the number it has in the gallery.

Sternbild Friend Rice Event

↓↓↓ 日本人のタイバニファンも参加できます! ↓↓↓

So, Aki and I were talking about making fried rice next week (I think she’s never eaten fried rice before, the horror!) and I said I would put pictures of Kotetsu and Barnaby on my screens and set the table and offer them my fried rice. And I’d take a picture of it and post it because I’m a derp like that.

And then we thought that why not get more people to join?

To join the Sternbild Friend Rice Event for the final episode, go and be a true Hero in the kitchen and cook your own fried rice (you can practise first if needed), bake Samantha’s cake, make some tea the way Yuri likes it, get some Pepsi (Nex if you can, whatever they sell where you live if you can’t – I’m stuck with Pepsi Max), or cook up whatever other creative Tiger & Bunny related food you can think of. And then just take a photo of your meal with your favourite T&B character(s)! (In this style.)

You can send us pictures any time during the next week, but because I know some people won’t cook until for the final episode you have until Monday September 19th 12:00 CET (noon) to email us the photos to ThisIsSternbild[at] You can also take part via Twitter, event hashtag is #friendrice and you can tweet your pictures to @ThisIsSternbild. Feel free to include a short comment or description if you want.

We hope we’ll get a lot of pictures! We can’t friend rice the staff & cast of Tiger & Bunny in person, so this is our way of telling all of them how much we love the show. We’re collecting all the pictures into a post here at This is Sternbild and we’ll pass the link to it to executive producer Ozaki.

Next week, on This is Sternbild: The Friend Rice Event. See ya!

Don’t have a picture to use? Don’t worry, we have some here! If a character is missing, leave a comment below and we will try to add him/her!

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