Listen to HERO RADIO On Lantis Site

Hoshizora Sunrise launched a new HERO RADIO corner on Sunday on FM NACK5. Hosted by Morita Masakazu, more or less as Barnaby Brooks Jr. You can listen to Hoshizora Sunrise through Keyhole TV, but for once we have a possibility to listen to HERO RADIO in good quality, because Lantis is streaming it.

To listen, go to the HERO RADIO page on Lantis site and pick your stream. If you’re not sure what your connection can manage, pick the 32K one – but very likely you can use the 64K one. It will open in Windows Media Player. I’m not sure if there’s a way to make this work on a Mac. Mac users, you can stream this with VLC. (Thanks, TeamKaburagi!)

The first episode of HERO RADIO features – among other things – ad-libbed songs about fried rice, and gratuituous Baningrish (Morita says Barnaby doesn’t speak English or Engrish, but Baningrish).

Morita is quite a personality, and I thought HERO RADIO was incredibly fun to listen. He did go pretty far out of character at times, though… It’s worth checking out even if you don’t speak Japanese, just for the ridiculous amounts of Baningrish.

(Thanks to @Mineko_TB for the tip on the radio!)

12 comments on “Listen to HERO RADIO On Lantis Site

  1. Indeed! Morita-san is REALLY fun~ I used to enjoy listening to the Bleach radio shows he hosted too(in comparison Hero Radio is pretty tame for him haha).

    The Lantis site also lists all the various “corners” on the show, and they seem to be really fun. Especially the one where they will compose a song with lyrics suggested by fans throughout all the installments.

    There’s also a useful link they provided where we can send in mail for Hero Radio too.

    Sky High c.v Inoue Go (or will he guesting as Sky High himself aha?) will be joining Barnaby next time, I can’t wait!

  2. There you have it, Morita fans – he didn`t got awards, but he got his own radio show.

    But of course, if the show was being hosted by Hirata it would be even better~

      • You can’t really enjoy Tiger & Bunny to the fullest if you don’t like both Kotetsu and Barnaby, you know. I don’t understand these so-called T&B fans who’re absolutely infatuated with one half of the duo but passionately hate the other. How did you guys even manage to get through the anime?
        And if you favourite character likes someone so much, shouldn’t you like them too…?

        • Excuse me are you replying to me? Because there seems to be a misunderstanding. I’m not a commenter who says that you can not possibly enjoy an event pertaining to a character B to the fullest, because everything is better with chracter A, far from it. But I do see comments like these regarding Barnaby quite often, I find them petty and immature and reply in a way. I think radio programme with Morita is enjoyable enough, programme with Hirata as a host would probably be enjoyable as well. I, however never use the word ‘better’ in regards to these two. They are dear to me even if Bunny is ultimately my favorite. I just defend him when people make these annoying statements.

  3. I have Keyhole TV and I was wondering what is the Japanese title for the Hoshizora Sunrise channel, so I can recognise it on the list?

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