First Tiger&Bunny Movie To Open In September (Updated)

Just as Ozaki promised – more information on the movies! The first Tiger & Bunny movie “TIGER & BUNNY – The Beginning” will hit theaters in September, as it was announced today. There isn’t much information about the movie itself yet, but a few things came to my mind when I glanced at the site.

  1. There’s no actual staff listed yet. I doubt Satou is directing this time, his Ashura movie is opening in August and he was just announced to be directing the new Saint Seiya CG movie. He must have several projects going on at the same time on this rate, but that he would also work on Tiger & Bunny movies seems improbable. Ozaki did spoil on Twitter earlier that producer Tamura Kazuhiko is working on the movies and that the same studio is animating them as the anime itself. Only cast listed so far are Hirata and Morita, which is pretty much given.
  2. The title is subject to change as it says on the movie site (that’s what “(仮)” means after the title). I hope they will change it because right now it has too much of a recap movie vibe. It could just be signifying it’s the first movie, though.

As much as I’d like the movie to be all new material, I’m about 99% certain that a portion of it will be recap. Why? From Ozaki’s recent tweets, it’s pretty clear he wants more people to get into Tiger & Bunny and to enjoy it. It would be counter-productive to make a movie that is hard for new audiences to approach. These guys seem very good at marketing their creation, and that’s just pure marketing logic.

I’m fine with some recap though, if it brings more success to Tiger & Bunny.

Update: Seems I was right in my recap thoughts, this article at Anime! Anime! calls the movie a “hybrid episode” with material they weren’t able to use in the series (timeskip stuff, maybe?). It also mentions that the second movie is planned for 2013.

Update 2: Some spoilers from Newtype seem to indicate that the second movie won’t be a direct continuation to the first one – they’ll be stand-alone stories. New character(s) will also be introduced in the movies.

Update 3: I’m seeing lots of comments that maybe the movie will be a prequel. That sounds far fetched to me. Why? Because they’re called Tiger & Bunny movies. They met in the first episode of the series, and before that there was no “Tiger & Bunny”. A prequel would most likely be about Tiger’s early heroing days. I think it’d be fun to watch but it’d just be a Tiger movie, not a Tiger & Bunny movie (I’d totally watch an OVA about Wild Tiger’s early days). Barnaby’s early search for Ouroboros wouldn’t make a very interesting movie, and I doubt his academy days would either, since he seems to have mostly kept to himself and not bonded with anyone.

15 comments on “First Tiger&Bunny Movie To Open In September (Updated)

  1. September seems so far away! I’m hoping that the fact that it isn’t going to open until September means that, even if it does have material from the series, it will also have plenty of new material. If the whole thing turns out to just be a recap then I will honestly be pretty disappointed.

    Is the only info available about the second movie so far that it’s coming out in 2013? I’m really hoping that it will be out before the end of February of 2013… because then I should be able to see both of them at the cinema. 😀

      • Yep I’m going to Fukuoka to study on exchange for a year. I’m actually sort of happy that the first movie isn’t coming out until September because hopefully by then my Japanese should be good enough for me to mostly understand what’s happening. XD

  2. I’m still in shock with the news that Satou will be directing St.Seiya movie.

    Saint Seiya is my favorite anime ever, and because of Saint Seiya I am watching anime since 18 years… I never thought of this combination and I am absolutely happy!!!

    Anyway, I’m worried that Satou won’t guide the TB movie. Maybe is another reason to think that this first movie, at least, will be a recap. Another series has done this like Higashi no Eden: recap the tv series in a movie and the second movie was sequel.

    Let’s hope the best!

  3. Crap. I was kind of hoping that the first movie (I don’t mind the recap concept- Makes sense if it’s to appeal to new viewers, and the more the merrier, right?) would air sometime in Spring with the second at the end of 2012, kind of as a lead-in to a Season Two for the summer of 2013. (fingers crossed)
    Whatever the case, beggers can’t be choosers… Thanks for the update.

    • Having both movies out in 2012 sounded a bit too ambitious from the start, I’m not surprised the 2nd one’s been pushed to 2013. The animators need to rest every once in a while, too.

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  5. September Y U NO HERE?…I’m so excited about this, a combination between old and new footage doesn’t sound so bad, as said in the article it will help to get new fans 😀 I would also love a movie based on a completely new plot, but maybe that’s better for the second movie^^

  6. *backflips with excitement*

    Recap or no, I’m still watching…

    Whenever it’s available outside Japan. *sobs*

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