Tiger & Bunny KING OF WORKS Archive (Updated)

Tiger & Bunny KING OF WORKS
Publisher: Bandai Visual
ISBN: 978-4894571006
Release: 2012/6/29
Price: 5,880 JPY [Amazon Japan] [Amiami] [CDJapan] [Hobby Search] [HLJ] [Otacute]

I had been fretting over not being able to order Katsura’s Limited Edition artbook, but now I don’t mind because KING OF WORKS sounds more interesting. If you’re balking at the price, it’s not actually that bad when you consider it covers a set of three books. There are over 400 pages Correction: Release date was changed to June, and page count increased to 800 in four volumes. The archive consists of character designs, setting materials, original scripts, and more. It also comes with a calendar as a bonus item. CDJapan helpfully lists item weights, and KING OF WORKS is listed at 1950g (almost 2 kilos or 4 pounds) so shipping fee will not be cheap.

I’ll update more links and information to this post as I find them.

(This Spring is shaping up to be lethal for my wallet…)


15 comments on “Tiger & Bunny KING OF WORKS Archive (Updated)

  1. Holy shit, my wallet died a little inside, because I am 90% sure I’ll order this. (The 10% is WHY SHIPPING FEE WHY)

    • I’m 100% sure I’ll order this but the shipping fee…! ( ゚Д゚ノ)ノ~┻┻

      The shipping cost is gonna be high because this is bound to be a heavy package.

  2. For a moment I thought, “I can afford this…!” And then I remembered, “SHIPPING, FFFFFFUUU….”

    I will probably think on it some more, but I am so ready to finally own my first piece of Taibani merchandise.

  3. More unreachable merchandise *is poor*. At this rate, I will have to sell my soul to the devil XDDD.
    Btw, has there been any news about the T&B figures with the open helmet?

  4. Why must they continue to make such amazing merchandise right when I can’t afford iiiiit?? OTL||
    Normally I probably could but I really have to save my money right now.

  5. It says is #1 in sales in Amazon? wow, I preordered mine but I’m not sure enought (it expensive), thank you very much for let us know about it ^_^

  6. Man, I’m so gonna buy this. I’ve been upset over not being able to snatch up Katsura’s Limited Edition artbook, but I’m glad I missed buying it otherwise I wouldn’t even consider getting the King of Works. I’m so not gonna miss this chance!

    400 pages of Taibani-ness *drools*
    Thanks for the extra info!

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