This is Sternbild watches the dub (and other things)

Aki and I have been watching the English dub of Tiger & Bunny. Neither of us expected to get this into it, but here we are. Dying for episode 9 dubbed.

The start with the dub was pretty bumpy – which I think was a combination of the voices sounding unfamiliar after seeing the original so many times (read: we lost count how many times), and the voice actors themselves still settling into the roles. By episode three that had evened out. The translation has some minor issues and a couple of derps a fan will notice, but we can forgive those. As a whole it works, and the important character chemistry is still there.

The dub cast is also really good. Wally Wingert may not sound anything like Hirata, but he’s gotten the feel of the character down. Yuri Lowenthal is excellent as Barnaby. What really blew us away was Liam O’Brien as Lunatic. Yusa Kouji was awesome in the original, but the dub version is better in our opinion. Yuri Petrov and Lunatic actually sound different in the dub, and the choice of voice and style of speech for Lunatic make him more menacing. Or as Aki put it…


Yeah. I was going to add some snippets of our dub watching chats here but since they mostly consist of capslock keysmashing because of FEELS, I’ll just leave it at that. The dub has gone from being an excuse to rewatch the series to something we’re looking forward to every week.

Live-Action Buddy Cops

Earlier this month, ANN posted some news about T&B’s character designer Katsura Masakazu appearing in a TV series written by Nishida Masafumi. So far we’ve seen two episodes of Jikken Keiji Totori. Nishida seems to like the age gap theme, this time the rookie is the older of the duo. For a Japanese drama, Jikken Keiji Totori doesn’t really have that j-drama feel, it’s more Western. That’s not very surprising, though, Tiger & Bunny wasn’t the first Western style thing Nishida wrote. He’s also written and directed one of the few Japanese sitcoms filmed in front of live studio audience. The acting in Jikken Keiji Totori is pretty good, too. We’re really enjoying watching it, and if you like Nishida’s writing it’s definitely worth checking out.

(I tried to keep this short and sweet, because I’ve been down with a flu for the past week and that doesn’t really enhance my ability to stay coherent.)

11 comments on “This is Sternbild watches the dub (and other things)

  1. Welcome back girls!
    What can I say? After a slow start, ears and mind are finally synchronized with the characters and become accustomed to dubbing.
    But the arrival of Lunatic swept away any lingering doubts.
    I am almost ashamed to write it, but if I were a boy I would say that when I heard the voice of Thanatos I had a boner.
    I have always loved the character, but I’m sure if it were not so, this dubbing perfect, could changed my way of thinking about it.
    It should also be emphasized as you have pointed out, the difference in setting the tone of voice in Yuri and Lunatic, which I think is very important.
    I really can not wait for episode 9.
    It will always be Tiger & Bunny.

  2. I didn’t expect to get so involved in the dub either. For me, the dub didn’t start out quite as bumpy, with the only voice not settling well for me being Nathan’s. Nathan’s voice had sounded too forced, there was the sense of ‘trying too hard,’ but by episode 6 that went away and it sounded more natural. I don’t flinch at it anymore.

    Ah, and yes, Yuri’s and Lunatic’s voices are just as you guys described. I haven’t had time to watch episode 8 yet, but I’ll do that after work today. I haven’t watched/known about that J-drama, but I might check it out. It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched any type of Japanese drama, so I could do with watching something that is a bit unique.

  3. Absolutely the same thing happened for me. Wasn’t sure about it at first. The pronunciation of Kaede was particularly amusing. But now I’m in love with the dub. Had the same same reaction to Lunatic as well. I had to pause it for a while to recuperate.

    I still think they should have kept Agnes saying ‘Bonjour Heroes’. It doesn’t make sense to me to translate the French into English. Still I’m really into it though. Looking forward to getting the DVD if I can.

  4. Hey! Welcome back! Even a short word brightens my day. 🙂

    I have to say, still not completely satisfied with the dub. The voice acting is fantastic (obvious talent, MEGA props to Blue Rose sounding like a teen trying to play an adult, and the “hiccups” in Nathan and Kotetsu’s voices have evened out) but the translation keeps making me angry. I really don’t like Bunny’s sarcasm, and I think a lot of iconic lines got erased in translation, many times when heroes were wearing helmets and didn’t even have lip-flaps to match. There’s no

    I mean, that said, I’m still looking forward to every new episode. I was a late-comer fan, but waiting for dub releases could be what Superhero Saturday felt like for everyone else while the show was running, and I like it. ^_^ I also still want to buy the DVDs, which I think are meant to come with sub and dub, and I still want to support the official release. I might not think it’s perfect, but they’ve made it good enough they can have my money, and that’s saying something. 😉

    Hope you feel better soon! Happy Saturday!

  5. I only started watching the dub of Tiger & Bunny just recently. I hadn’t been this excited for a dub in so long, and as soon as I watched the first episode, I was hooked all over again. I have to say I love every turn they’re taking on this.

    And yes, I definitely agree about Lunatic. When I first heard Yusa in the role as Yuri, I wasn’t very impressed, though I liked him more when he was the masked vigilante. (He grew on me overall, though.) But in the dub he has two voices for both sides of the character and it’s really amazing, I can seriously enjoy the entire character now. I love the fact that as Yuri, Liam gives him a voice that makes him sound generally bored and low-key, but as Lunatic, he’s very entertained and almost enthralled by the Heroes and their futile efforts. He really brings the creepiness over all– The last work I’d heard Liam in was way back when he dubbed Hisoka Kurosaki in Descendents of Darkness (which I loved him in).

    Good to hear he’s still amazing!! I’m looking forward to episode 16 to see how he pulls off that fiasco. Great stuff!! I simply can’t get enough!

  6. Hello! Have you see ep 9 and 10? They were frigging good. I can’t believe every sentence, word, breath sound that natural, I’m not even a native english speaker, but I had to get those english versions! It’s like I’m rediscovering T&B, I’m enjoying the emotion and goosebumps like the first time. I found myself re-hearing a lot of bits of this dubbing, laughing alone and wishing I could share the fun with someone. It’s like a miracle. If only an american TV channel would buy those subs! The french ones are not that bad but comparing to the english ones…
    Please keep on giving us any information about T&B till we can watch the second movie. T&B is the best thing I’ve seen in anime for years. It deserves an awesome site like this one!

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