B.T.B. song Natsu no Koi wa Otsukare Summer full lyrics

How they ever managed to record this song, I don’t know. There must be a blooper reel of all the takes that were ruined by the seiyuu losing their pokerface while singing (especially Morita, because dammit Barnaby). It was actually a good thing they didn’t play the full thing on radio because there would have been more spontaneous discharges. My mental image of Nishida while he was writing the lyrics includes him grinning like the Cheshire Cat because this song is trolling on so many levels.

Anyways. Kanji, romaji, translation under the cut. Minor fixes to kanji and romaji now that I got my OST.


小麦色の アナタはナイスガイ
ビーチボールが キューピッド
渡した瞬間 手と手が触れて
気付けば   アナタを 見つめていた

Ah やめてくれよ(行きましょ、行きましょ)
かき氷なら ママに頼めよ

アナタの瞳 映る私は
まるで 子供?


届かない 恋の歌(I MISS YOU)
ずっと そばに居たいけれど
沈む夕日 海に溶けてく(SEE YOU TOMORROW)

アナタの瞳 映る私は
そんな 子供?


涙で終わる サマーラブ
夏の恋は   お疲れサマー

告白してきた キミはクールボーイ
ちょっといいかも。。。 なんて思ったりして
あれ?おかしいな クラクラするの
気付けば ワタシは 夏風邪ひいてた

Ah キミが頬を (ちょっとちょっと)
赤らめてるのは (大丈夫?大丈夫?)
まさか 照れているのかい?
欲しいのはボク? それともトローチ?

ごめんなさいね やっぱり私
彼に ホの字
OH! 神様

届かない 愛のうた (切ないねぇ)
ずっと そばに居たいけれど
アナタの名前 波が消してく (ザッバーン)

徒労に終わる サマーラブ
夏の恋は お疲れサマー

トローチ溶けてく サマーラブ
夏の恋は お疲れサマー

夏の恋は お疲れさーん


komugi iro no   anata wa nice guy
biichi booru ga   kyuupiddo
watashita shunkan   te to te ga furete
kizukeba   anata wo   mitsumeteita

ah yametekure yo (ikimasho, ikimasho)
iki ga tomaru hodo sa (sunahama, sunahama)
onedari suru yona hitomi
kakigoori nara   mama ni tanome yo

anata no hitomi   utsuru watashi wa
marude   kodomo

todokanai   koi no uta (I miss you)
zutto   soba ni itai keredo
shizumu yuuhi   umi ni toketeku (see you tomorrow)

anata no hitomi   utsuru watashi wa
sonna   kodomo?

bai bai ojousama

namida de owaru   summer love
natsu no koi wa   otsukare summer

kokuhaku shitekita   kimi wa cool boy
chotto ii kamo…   nante omottarishite
are? okashii na   kurakurasuru no
kizukeba   watashi wa   natsukaze hiiteta

ah   kimi ga hoho wo (chotto chotto)
akarameteru no wa (daijoubu? daijoubu?)
masaka   tereteiru no kai?
hoshii no wa boku?   soretomo toroochi?

gomennasai ne   yappari watashi
kare ni   honoji
OH! kamisama

todokanai   ai no uta (setsunai nee)
zutto   soba ni itai keredo
anata no namae   nami ga keshiteku (zabbaan)

torou ni owaru   summer love
natsu no koi wa   otsukare summer

toroochi toketeku   summer love
natsu no koi wa   otsukare summer

natsu no koi wa   otsukaresaan

English (translation by anonymous):

You’re a nice guy with golden skin
And our beach ball played Cupid
the moment you handed it to me, and our hands touched
Before I knew it, I was looking at you

Ah, stop it (let’s go, let’s go)
It’s so uncomfortable my breath stops (sandy beach, sandy beach)
Don’t look at me like that
If you want shaved ice go ask your mama

Am I like a child in your eyes?
My condolences to this summer

A song of passion that can never reach you (I miss you~♪)
I want to stay with you forever, but
the sinking sunset melts into the sea (see you tomorrow~♪)

Am I such a child in your eyes?
Bye bye, young lady

The summer love ends in tears
Thanks a lot, summer love

You’re a cool boy who came to confess to me
That might be good, but… What am I even thinking
Huh? That’s strange, I’m getting dizzy
Before I knew it, I caught a summer cold

Ah, your cheeks (Hey, wait a moment)
Are they getting red because (Are you okay, are you okay?)
could it be, you’re embarrassed?
Is it me that you want? Or is it a cough drop?

Sorry, but
The one I like is him
OH! My god.

A song of love that can never reach you (It’s so painful!)
I want to stay with you forever, but
Your name in the sand was erased by the waves (Splash!)

The summer love ends in futility
Thanks a lot, summer love

The summer love melts my cough drop
Thanks a lot, summer love

Thanks a lot, summer love…

19 comments on “B.T.B. song Natsu no Koi wa Otsukare Summer full lyrics

  1. I made the sore mistake of drinking chocolate milk when listening to the song for the first time.
    Spontaneous discharge all over my monitor when Barnaby started singing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this translation the song is hilarious! XDDD Poor Blue Rose! I bet they people working on this had fun composing, writing the lyrics and singing them. I really hope that in a future interview they reveal more details about these soundtracks. ^_^

  3. God dammit, Bunny. I love you so much. I cannot stop listening to this song, it’s like some otherworldly force.

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