Sweet Dreams With A Hero Of Your Choice

We leave most of the merchandise blogging to Sternbild Central Market these days, but I can’t resist this. Partially because it almost got me to do a spit-take at my screen.

There’s been that fanmade mildly NSFW hug pillow cover available at Mandarake and Toranoana, but these… These are actual, official merchandise.

They’re bedsheets, your choice if you want to sleep with Kotetsu or Barnaby. There are also matching pillow cases, Kotetsu & Barnaby versions. I wonder if these will pop up on Bandai’s shopping webcast next time…

Update: These aren’t exclusives after all, above links go to CDJapan now, but they are available at Amiami and Hobby Search, too.

This photoshopped version is making me think that just like in this photoshopped composition of the posters, the poses on the sheets are a bit too intentional. As is that strip of bare midriff Barnaby is flaunting on the sheet and the poster.

And while I’m going on about merchandise and spit-takes, the character song album that was set for December has been pushed back to February 2012. It has a title now, too, BEST OF HERO. I can only hope the delay is to ensure we have another spontaneous discharge epic experience like “sandy beach, sandy beach” waiting for us.

I also got the new official books, Hero TV Fan vol. 2 and Official Hero Book 2, in the mail today. Review coming as I have time to get acquainted with them.

10 comments on “Sweet Dreams With A Hero Of Your Choice

  1. Can someone please tell the translation team that “BEST OF HERO” sounds stupid and should be “BEST OF HEROES”?

    I understand that english is not their main language but Jesus Christ it can’t be too hard to double-check.

  2. Since this post is about merchandise, I guess I will ask my question here. Have you see the casual Kotetsu figure that Mega House plan to release? They are supposed to announce it at MegaHobby Expo. The pose looks almost identical to the exclusive Casual Kotetsu from Bandai. Any thought?

    • Yeah I’ve seen the unpainted prototype photo. Sternbild Central Market has a post on comparing Figuarts (Zero) to Megahouse GEM figures that you might find helpful. Basically the Megahouse figures are bigger than Figuarts, and pricier.

      I’m not sure if I’ll want to go for the Megahouse Kotetsu, it depends if they’re making Barnaby too. I can’t have one without the other.

  3. they certainly know their audience…. pffft.
    Now i wonder if i’ll ever see a grown-up man sleeping on that bedsheet…. well, we’ll never know *coughcough*

  4. I wonder how much plasma fangirls will have to start selling?

    Dear goodness. I kinda….wish they were body pillow covers though.

    I feel like it`s a very good year to be a fan….but I almost thought these were the ones on toranotora, until I took another look.

  5. Sadly, even though the covers are some 2,000¥ higher than my Kotetsu Squishy-Buns mousepad, I don’t think I can afford one of those bad boys…!

    I can think about it for later… Or just save up every spare coin I’ve got to get a few of those awesome figures!

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