Rock Bison figure preorders + other news (updated)

Rock Bison Figure and Charm Set

S.H. Figuarts Rock Bison and the Deformeister rubber charm set went up for preorder today. As expected, Amiami was crashing so I’m not exactly sure how fast he sold out there. Hobby Search sold out its stock of Rock Bison within minutes. The charm set is still available at CDJapan and Amiami. HLJ has order stop on both charms and Rock Bison but it’s possible the orders may still be opened. CDJapan and many other stores haven’t listed the figure yet, so it’s entirely possible to still score a preorder.

(We feel for poor Go Inoue who missed the preorder again, we hope he’ll manage to snatch one from somewhere. Well what do you know, he managed to emerge victorious with a preorder! He’ll be an inspiration to me when the figures that I’m gunning for are available.)


Also, the Tiger & Bunny headphones that were only listed at Animate before are now available in Hobby Search, CDJapan and probably also in other stores so check where you usually order your merchandise from. Price seems to be around 3,700 JPY in most places.

Special Radio Show

The official Twitter announced that there’ll be a special one hour long broadcast of Kenjiro Tsuda’s (Fire Emblem’s VA) radio show on Ustream after episode 20 of Tiger & Bunny has finished airing on August 13th. The co-host is Yuuki Fujiwara (and I think there will probably be guests but they haven’t been announced yet). More information in Japanese here.

And it should be noted that the next three episodes may air 10 minutes late if the sports broadcast on MBS goes overtime. In that case Ustream airing will be delayed too.

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