Full Version of 2nd OP + News (updated)

The 2nd OP single Missing Link by NOVELS is coming out on August 3rd, but the full version’s already on Youtube on Toy’s Factory’s channel.

And some news while I’m at it:

BIGLOBE Spring Season Best Anime Poll

Tiger & Bunny scored 1st place on the 2011 Spring Season Best Anime poll held at BIGLOBE (via Tenkai-japan). The voting was a bit tighter this time than with the best character poll also held at BIGLOBE that the T&B men took by storm.

2nd Manga Serialization

There’s going to be a second manga serialization on top of the already planned ones, this one will be in Miracle Jump. Hiroshi Ueda is set to illustrate it. Writer hasn’t been announced yet. Update August 10: The official Twitter just announced that the manga will have original story by Erika Yoshida who was the 2nd scriptwriter for episode 15.

BD/DVD sales

As expected, the 3rd volume that hit the shelves last week was on 2nd place on the animation sales rankings. (No doubt it would sell even more if Sunrise/Bandai would print more copies to meet the demand.)


3 comments on “Full Version of 2nd OP + News (updated)

  1. Ok!!! I’m so happy about all these fantastic news!!! Taibani craziness is all around the world..
    And I have to admit that the manga releases, is increasing in me the hope of a lot of series about our heroes… and turning away the probability of an unhappy ending.
    Thank You.

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