Live Viewing event reports + Friend Rice reminder

I am having a massively busy day today (how I wish I could devote the entire Sunday for Tiger & Bunny), but I thought I’d toss some links up before the other stuff consumes my time.

The reports say that final episode had over 100,000 viewers. 77,000 on Ustream, 22,000 in theaters plus everyone who watched it on MBS. Tiger & Bunny was also trending on Twitter in Japan all through the night.

Event report in English
Hiroaki Hirata’s blog entry of the event (in Japanese)
Subculture blog event report (in Japanese)
Gigazine event report – with pictures! (in Japanese)

Translated event tidbits from Subculture blog, courtesy of /a/:

  • Hi! I’m Kotetsu, the member of T&B who gets all sleepy after 12 o’clock!
  • Hi! I’m Kotetsu, the member of T&B who has short eyelashes!
  • Hirata had a pink bunny plush with him the whole time.
  • During the work on T&B people within the company kept telling the staff to give it up.
  • Katsura had the most fun drawing Ivan.
  • A character song album will be released on December 7, details to follow.
  • The other considered titles of the show were “Seekers” and B.B. (Busty and Bunny).
  • Rock Bison got a bit more spotlight because of his unexpected popularity after the first episode aired.
  • Compared to the planning stage, Ivan’s development got slightly expanded (at first they were planning to jump into the Jake’s arc straightaway).
  • Katsura grumbled about how the anime version of Kotetsu looks too young.
  • Barnaby was at first meant to have teleportation powers (quick and nimble like a bunny) but these powers however seemed utterly broken, so at first they added the restriction that he can’t phase through iron plates.
  • The Lunatic vs. Barnaby fight in ep7 took ten months to complete.
  • Lots of flags for the second season from the VA’s.
  • At the end there was a small play between Kotetsu and Barnaby talking over the phone with somebody and solving the idiocy of Karina and Antonio.
    K: Huh? Karina’s throwing a fit in the supermarket because they don’t have cucumbers?
    B: And Rock Bison-san ate too much burned meat and now collapsed?
    K: Right. Anyway, you take care of Bison and I’m going to check on Karina.
    B: I am on it.

Future Plans


2nd season didn’t get confirmed yet, but I’ve no doubt it’ll happen soon. Maybe at the event? The series is practically printing money, so there’ll be something. It might be S2, it might be a movie or an OVA series, but not making a continuation at this point would be financial insanity.

Friend Rice Reminder

Deadline for Sternbild Friend Rice Event submissions is 12:00 CET
(Central European Time) on Monday, September 19.

You can submit photos through email and on Twitter, check out detailed event info here. We’ve already received over 20 times the amount of photos we expected, keep them coming! Please remember that cosplay photos aren’t accepted. Check the instructions in the event post!

Tiger & Bunny people on Twitter (updated June 22nd, 2012)

Here’s a list of some of the Tiger & Bunny staff and cast members on Twitter. I’ve probably missed someone (please drop a comment with a link and I’ll update the post).

Tiger & Bunny Official Twitter @TIGERandBUNNY


Keiichi Satou (director) @satokeiichiree (old) @keiichiree_Z (new)
Masayuki Ozaki (executive producer, Sunrise) @masa_ozaki
Yoshitomo Yonetani (movie director) @yonetanikantoku

Japanese Cast:

Hiroaki Hirata (VA: Wild Tiger) @hiratapro
Masakazu Morita (VA: Barnaby Brooks Jr.) @edokko_dey
Go Inoue (VA: Keith Goodman/Sky High) @_Gou_
Taiten Kusunoki (VA: Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison) @TaitemKusunoki
Kenjiro Tsuda (VA: Nathan Seymour/Fire Emblem) @tsuda_ken
Mariya Ise (VA: Pao-Lin Huang/Dragon Kid) @Mariya_i
Rina Hidaka (VA: Kaede Kaburagi) @rina_hidaka


Mizuki Sakakibara (artist for the Newtype Ace manga serialization @miz1991
Hiroshi Ueda (artist for the Miracle Jump manga serialization) @UEDAsensei

Please note that all of them tweet in Japanese.

English Dub Cast:

Yuri Lowenthal (VA: Barnaby Brooks Jr.) @YuriLowenthal
Liam O’Brien (VA: Yuri Petrov/Lunatic) @VoiceOfOBrien
Tara Platt (VA: Agnes Joubert) @taraplatt

And we have to put a recommendation for Go Inoue’s Twitter. The guy is as moe as his character and occasionally has hilarious conversations with Keiichi Satou.

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