BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 6

Some comparisons of fixes for episodes 14 and 15 from vol. 6 which is already out in Japan. Episode 14 especially needed a facelift, the fixes look really good to me.

Click the images for full-size versions, our layout resizes them automatically so they look a bit blurry here.

More comparisons from episode 14, 99% of these fixes look great.
(I hadn’t even realized how horribly off-model this episode was.)


8 comments on “BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 6

  1. It’s strange, but the only changes I don’t really like are the changes on Kotetsu’s eyes >w> They seem normal enough to me in the TV shots, but are so big, dark and brown in the BD version. The rest greatly improved, though! ❤ Barnaby's curls are given some extra love, and I love how Nathan got such pretty eyelashes now ❤

  2. Oh wow, Cis got such an upgrade: her eyes are shinier and reflect stuff! 8D (No seriously, I’m shocked they actually changed that…)

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