Tiger & Bunny Timeline (Old Version)

An updated and revised timeline based on the one that was in the Easter Eggs fanvideo. The series uses an alternate timeline, so their year NC 1978 isn’t the same as our 1978.

UPDATE: A fully revised timeline including S2 and both movies is now available.

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Who is Masafumi Nishida?

I’ve seen more than a few comments about Masafumi Nishida, the screenwriter and co-creator of Tiger & Bunny in the lines of “no one knows who this guy is”. True enough, if you just look at anime sites you won’t find anything on him. Tiger & Bunny is the first anime he’s worked on but he’s far from rookie.

Disclaimer: Translations from Japanese sources are by me. I’m far from a pro, so if you spot any errors please don’t hesitate to comment so I can fix them.

Masafumi NISHIDA (西田征史) born May 22, 1975 in Tokyo is a screenwriter, actor and director. He’s a graduate of Gakushuin University law school. He was part of a Horipro Inc. comedy duo from 1995 to 1999, and after that he has worked on numerous movie, TV drama and stage productions.


Web Drama:

  • Kikikomi (screenplay, director)
  • Yuu-kyan Shikaku Movie (screenplay)


Stage plays:

  • Dorobo Yakusha (script)
  • Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka (script)

He has also acted in a number of stage plays, and appeared in some educational programs on NHK. He wrote the novelization of Gachi Boy.

He has a blog which can be found here (in Japanese).

Sources: IMDB, Japanese wiki.

Release dates (updated October 26)

This list will no longer be updated. Please visit Sternbild Central Market for merchandise listings.

Bluray/DVD vol. 3
Official Hero Book (Ichijinsha)
25: TIGER&BUNNY Official Mook HERO TV FAN Vol.1 (Shufutoseikatsusha)

03: NOVELS – MISSING LINK (2nd OP single)
24: Character Song CD: Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr.
25: Comic Anthology (ID Comics/DNA Media)
26: Bluray/DVD vol. 4

07: Tamaki – Mind Game (2nd ED single)
Tiger & Barnaby Key Chains
22: Bluray/DVD vol. 5
23: Wild Tiger figure (S.H. Figuarts)
26: Hero TV Gossips (Kadokawa Shoten)
26: Tiger & Bunny anthologies vol 1-2 (Asuka Comics)
27: Tiger & Bunny Roman Album (Tokuma Shoten)
30: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 1 (Movic)

19: Original Soundtrack
25: Comic Anthology 2 (ID Comics/DNA Media)
25: Tiger & Bunny 4-koma Kings (ID comics/DNA Media)
26: Bluray/DVD vol. 6
Deformeister Petit figure set
Katsura Masakazu Original Drawings Regular Edition
Barnaby Brooks Jr. figure (S.H. Figuarts)
31: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 2 (Movic)
Stereo Headphones

05: 2012 Calendar
Official Hero Book 2
Hero TV Fan vol. 2
Deformeister Petit Rubber Collection
Bluray/DVD vol. 7
26: Tiger & Bunny anthology vol 3 (Asuka Comics)
30: Tiger & Bunny GO! GO!! Anthology 3 (Movic)

07: Tiger & Bunny Character Song Album
Rock Bison figure (S.H. Figuarts)
Bluray/DVD vol. 8

January (2012)
27: Bluray/DVD vol. 9
30: Blue Rose Chibi Arts

February (2012)
10: Masakazu Katsura Illustration book + Wild Tiger Figuarts original coloring version

Tiger & Bunny people on Twitter (updated June 22nd, 2012)

Here’s a list of some of the Tiger & Bunny staff and cast members on Twitter. I’ve probably missed someone (please drop a comment with a link and I’ll update the post).

Tiger & Bunny Official Twitter @TIGERandBUNNY


Keiichi Satou (director) @satokeiichiree (old) @keiichiree_Z (new)
Masayuki Ozaki (executive producer, Sunrise) @masa_ozaki
Yoshitomo Yonetani (movie director) @yonetanikantoku

Japanese Cast:

Hiroaki Hirata (VA: Wild Tiger) @hiratapro
Masakazu Morita (VA: Barnaby Brooks Jr.) @edokko_dey
Go Inoue (VA: Keith Goodman/Sky High) @_Gou_
Taiten Kusunoki (VA: Antonio Lopez/Rock Bison) @TaitemKusunoki
Kenjiro Tsuda (VA: Nathan Seymour/Fire Emblem) @tsuda_ken
Mariya Ise (VA: Pao-Lin Huang/Dragon Kid) @Mariya_i
Rina Hidaka (VA: Kaede Kaburagi) @rina_hidaka


Mizuki Sakakibara (artist for the Newtype Ace manga serialization @miz1991
Hiroshi Ueda (artist for the Miracle Jump manga serialization) @UEDAsensei

Please note that all of them tweet in Japanese.

English Dub Cast:

Yuri Lowenthal (VA: Barnaby Brooks Jr.) @YuriLowenthal
Liam O’Brien (VA: Yuri Petrov/Lunatic) @VoiceOfOBrien
Tara Platt (VA: Agnes Joubert) @taraplatt

And we have to put a recommendation for Go Inoue’s Twitter. The guy is as moe as his character and occasionally has hilarious conversations with Keiichi Satou.

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Viewer stats from Ustream (updated)

As you may know, Tiger&Bunny is broadcast on Ustream in Japan on Saturday nights. (Ustream is also one of the sponsors of the show, their logo is on Sky High’s hero suit.) The broadcast is only viewable within Japan.

Viewer stats for the Tiger&Bunny Ustream channel per episode:

  1. 1,500
  2. 4,000
  3. 8,000
  4. 12,000
  5. 15,000
  6. 20,000
  7. 22,000
  8. 28,000
  9. 33,000
  10. 36,000
  11. 38,000
  12. 45,000 (Ustream crashed after Sky High lost his battle)
  13. 44,000 (30min late)
  14. 50,000
  15. 53,000
  16. 41,000 (one hour late)
  17. 48,000
  18. 50,000 (reports say there were 80,000 accesses, but stream was choppy so many people went to watch it on TV instead)
  19. 46,000
  20. 42,000 (Comiket weekend)
  21. 50,000
  22. 59,000 (30 minutes late)
  23. 60,000
  24. 61,000
  25. 77,000 (Live viewing event 153,000 total views)