Tiger & Bunny first movie to premiere in the UK on September 22

As I recall, Ozaki talked about wanting to bring the Tiger & Bunny movies to the West. And he has hereby stood behind his word.

MangaUK tweeted this image earlier today and when I saw the “Movie 1 Premiere” on the poster I thought “it couldn’t be…” but the U.K. fans – and consequently European fans since this brings the BDs and DVDs closer to our reach – are getting a really good treatment. The first BD/DVD combo volume is coming out October 29th in the U.K.

(I also noticed that Blue Rose is gone from the promotional poster. The poster looks so much better without her that it just underlines how pasted on she was in the previous version.)

I know I can’t be the only one planning a trip to the U.K. in September, right?

Update: According to The-O Network, Viz’s North American release of Tiger & Bunny on DVD and Blu-ray will be early 2013. It could mean that the dub will first be broadcast on TV in the USA, and it goes straight on DVD in the U.K.

Of course, the dates could be subject to change…


17 comments on “Tiger & Bunny first movie to premiere in the UK on September 22

  1. I like it!! One question I have from reading the ANN story – what do they mean by “first volume?” Is that like they have it released in Japan, the first of 8 BD/DVDs of the series? So we’ll have to wait to buy it in dribs and drabs as the ‘volumes’ are being released?

  2. I got lucky, because I’ll be in Japan starting this September (and am already planning on seeing T&B in the theaters with my Japanese friend), but this is great news for the UK and is very hopeful news for the US, too! The US is currently focused on the dubbing and dub announcements, so I expect we might hear something about the movie Stateside after all of this is over.

    • Lucky indeed!

      I’d rather go see the movie in Japan (I’m much more familiar with Tokyo than with London) but alas, London is closer and cheaper to get to. I’m pretty sure the movie will hit the States as well, Viz is just really busy teasing us with cast announcements.

      • I thought I saw a list of cities in the US where the movie was going to be playing. Sadly, it’s a short list and none of those cities were in my state (Florida).

          • This is so aggravating. I saw the list months ago, but I’m dipped if I can find it again. I’m not even sure how accurate it was or if it’s even still true. I’m still looking for it. When I find it I’ll let you know.

      • I plan on getting up a little write up about the experience and I’m very excited about being able to see it in Tokyo, Japan. But, my listening comprehension skills in Japanese are rather rubbish (something I hope to improve upon), but the experience alone should make up for it all.

        • I’m so jealous! You should have time to bone up on your listening comprehension by then. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your writeup so I can experience it vicariously through you. xD No pressure.

          • Haha, no problem! XD But yeah, no, I just suck a lot at listening comprehension. My reading skills are quite good though. But, I should be all right for T&B. And I will try to write up something really good, too. 😀

        • For me it’s the opposite, I have much better listening comprehension. Probably comes from my learning style, I learn a lot of new words just by listening and trying to speak myself. ^^

          • Yes, it does come down to learning style, and what each person is naturally good at, too, I think. Since I was the same when it came to every other foreign language I’ve ever tried learning (French in middle school and Latin in high school). I am also just naturally better at writing and reading in English than I am with speaking and listening.

  3. Ahhhh I am so jealous! But it’s awesome that T&B is starting to move overseas.
    Hoping T&B stuff will start trickling into Canada soon! O:

  4. Yes! This makes me insanely happy, and I’m definitely going to try to get there, since I’m only an hour away from London and it’d be stupid if I didn’t. Eep! 😀 I feel spoilt.

    I also agree about Blue Rose not being in the poster. So much better!

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