Videos of Morita Masakazu at Sakuracon 2012

Last weekend was Sakuracon in Seattle, and Morita Masakazu was a guest of honor there. We got an email from Joan, one of our readers who went there. Here’s what she wrote.

I’ve been an avid follower of your site ever since the beginning and a big fan of Tiger and Bunny, so when I found out that Morita was going to be at Sakuracon, I was super stoked.

I managed to take quite a few video files, and would like to share them with you guys and the rest of the Tiger and Bunny fans.  I’m still slowly uploading videos at youtube, as they’re quite large HD files, but I figured I should link you guys to the part that pertains specifically to T&B.

(I actually asked him the question!)

I hope you enjoy!  The rest of the videos will be uploaded to my channel by this week.


Thank you, and again thank you for sharing these videos!

Joan’s question was about ‘an interesting story during the recording process of Tiger and Bunny’ and Morita seems like he could keep talking about it forever. Here are the videos:

5 comments on “Videos of Morita Masakazu at Sakuracon 2012

  1. It always astounds me how not like Barnaby Morita is…and yet he acts the part perfectly when he has to!
    He looks like a fun guy to be around, doesn’t he? Seeing him in a suit is kinda weird, though XD

  2. I’m so glad that these were posted! Morita is adorable and I’m really glad that he enjoyed playing Barnaby so much.

  3. That panel was just amazing. On top of that one question, he also managed to answer two more T&B related questions, but I was too far back really to get a good video angle.

    The first one was a question about what he thought the relationship between Kotetsu and Barnaby was like. He laughed, and went “PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU THINK,” and mentioned Barnaby really respected Kotetsu and to sum it up, that it was more like looking up to a father-figure relationship.

    The second one was asked by a Barnaby cosplayer who wanted to know if there would be a second season of T&B. Morita answered that it was still up in the air but not out of the question, and also mentioned the first movie would have 80% new material, which is a relief (I wouldn’t have wanted a recap movie).

    So yeah, T&B news from Morita himself from Sakuracon!

    • Thank you again for sharing those videos!

      I remember Morita’s said that same thing about Barnaby and Kotetsu’s relationship in another interview. At the same time Ozaki’s saying that the viewers can decide it for themselves. XD

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