News About The Tiger & Bunny Game

Anyone still remember the Tiger & Bunny game that was announced last year? Now there’s finally some information about it in the latest issue of Newtype Ace!

The game will be for Sony PSP. You’ll be playing as Wild Tiger, Barnaby is a non-playable character but still your partner. You’ll be catching criminals and earning points in the Hero Ranking. Release is Autumn 2012, but this is probably subject to change.

By the way, PSP is region-free, so it doesn’t require hijinks to get this game to play on foreign PSPs. I’m definitely going to order it, I have my doubts that this won’t get ported to the English speaking market any time soon, if at all.

(Thanks to PJA for the tip!)

Update: Source and some more info added.

7 comments on “News About The Tiger & Bunny Game

  1. WHAT. WHAT. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? I must have this once it comes out. Although I really wish this would get translated somehow… It’d be hard to play it in Japanese. T_T

  2. My friends have played games in Japanese, I should be able to as well! If not then… I’m sure I’ll figure it out, being a devoted fan and all, lol. Thanks for the infooo!

  3. Frankly it looks pretty shitty since it only shows one “gameplay” screenshot that is not even gameplay and to make it worse uses recycled artwork we have seen thousands of times before. I was actually hoping a decent game coming from these guys but seems like it will be some crappy fanboy magnet.

    I was expecting something of the caliber of Persona 4 The Ultimate, or at least Black Rock Shooter: THE GAME.

    • Bit too early to say what it’ll end up looking like, but if it really comes out in the Autumn they’ve had like about a year for the development. Not enough to make a complex game, and I didn’t expect the game to be mindblowingly awesome. I don’t really mind bad graphics if there’s a good story in there somewhere, I’m used to low res graphics because I like to play old PSX games.

  4. I was expecting for the game to be playable on PS3, XBox 360 or even Wii would be better in my opinion. PSP is still okay, but I’m honestly not looking forward to the game despite being a hardcore fan. Maybe the next game will serve to be more promising, if there is gonna be another one anyway.

    • I’m actually glad it’s on PSP, since my PSP doesn’t get nearly enough action as it is. I didn’t expect anything mindblowing with the short development time they’ve had.

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