Tiger & Bunny KING OF WORKS Delayed To June

The official Tiger & Bunny Twitter announced that KING OF WORKS archive has been delayed, new release date is June 29th. Due to the change, preorder deadline has been extended to April 25th.

The reason of the delay is that they are adding more content and increasing the quality. Instead of three books, there’ll be four, and the total page count has gone up from 400 to 800. They are also adding some new illustrations to go with the archive. The special calendar that comes with it has been changed to start from September 2012 and run to August 2013.

The price of KING OF WORKS remains the same.

( I was really hoping this wouldn’t get delayed. Although I am in glee of getting even more material, the increased page count will mean increased weight and thus increased shipping costs… Ouch. The calendar date change sounds like they’re padding some extra incase they have to delay it again, the calendar was originally supposed to be April 2012 – March 2013.)

4 comments on “Tiger & Bunny KING OF WORKS Delayed To June

  1. This is pretty exciting. I need to get on the ball about pre-ordering this. Also, thanks. I really appreciate the updates and fun info you provide. 🙂

    • It’s pretty unlikely the Limited Edition Katsura artbook will be available again after it’s sold out, since it was made to order. :/

      Though they are taking reprints of the figures all the time now…

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