Poll Results

I’ve been running some polls for fun, but I remembered I never posted the results of them all. I have to admit the results weren’t always hard to figure out, but it was still interesting.

Poll #1

This one I ran in July, after 2nd cour had started. It seemed pretty obvious at the time that we’d get some continuation, but we still don’t know what. I’m kinda tempted to run it again and see if the result would be different. I think I voted for a movie myself, but now I’d vote for S2…

Poll #2

This one was in the sidebar of the main page in August, when I was feeling particularly spendy. I still want that Fire Emblem Figuarts like burning but I’m not sure if I’ll survive the battle for it. It gives me a bit more confidence that Wild Tiger’s already gotten a reprint but even that has sold out in minutes at the places it’s been available so I have a really bad feeling about my chances.

Poll #3

This was also in the main page sidebar for the past week, and the result pretty much reflects my own preference when it comes to the character songs. The Duet (yes I type it with caps, it deserves it) totally steamrolled all the other songs. It’s the one song that always makes me drop what I’m doing and just sing along like a dork when it comes up on shuffle. And hey, the soundtrack is coming out next week so we’ll get the full version of Natsu no Koi wa Otsukare Summer!

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