Surprise success

“Spoiler”: Nobody expected Tiger & Bunny to be a big hit. Currently we’re placing bets on whether they’ll announce S2 or a movie by the end of the season. (I want a movie, I think Aki’s more for a second season.)

7 comments on “Surprise success

  1. At this time I am more prone for wishing an OVA series (Like… 5 OVAs or so…) I think a film of T&B would contain so little stuff compared to a 2nd season, which would be too much (I’m fearing the same fate of other Sunrise productions (see Code Geass) affect Tiger&Bunny as well…)
    In older times, series were totally fine with 26 episodes (Well, The Vision of Escaflowne had got a film…), maybe I am too old-fashioned ^^”
    In short, I wish Sunrise does the right thing with Tiger&Bunny: It’s a series with a lot of future and could fit perfectly in other countries, not only those it is being streamed right now.

    • They could easily make a movie (or several) or OVAs set during the 10 month timeskip, with just heroes doing hero stuff and being moe. And it would sell.

  2. As long as the homolust gets EVEN MORE and VERY OBVIOUS (that even without having to wear slash goggles, you know that there is something gg on between the two of them or that they are married) like the, ‘In your face’ sort of thing, I am contented. 8D

    Ok, just kidding. I wouldnt mind another season as long as they can keep the plot as interesting as now and well, air them everyday pls? ;o;

    lol. If not, OVA is fine by me. Like 6 episodes, 1hr long… *w*

    Movie could be a bit rushed, unless they want to tie up the untied knots for the series. (And make it a 4 hr movie. Rofl.)

    But then, I guess anything is fine for me as long as there are more TnB and the plot and qualiity is as awesome as ever. 😀

    (Come to think of it, I agree with the Sunrise Second season thingy. *glance at G00*)

    (I know I am not being of much help here though. rofl.)

  3. Out of all these options, I think OVA series will work the best. Maybe 5 or 6 with different character or relationship focuses (so far it looks like my desire for a Fire Emblem episode will not be satisfied this season *sob*). A movie would be nice too, since the setup of the series lends itself well to the whole “movie-only villain” anime is so well-known for.

    I’m a bit wary of a second season, just because it seems so easy to screw up. Honestly, as long as I get a (good quality) movie or a nice OVA series, I’ll be satisfied.

  4. I hope they stop after an OVA because I want to buy this series but I probably can’t afford a whole second season. D:
    It really depends on how this season ends, probably.

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