For Fun: When T&B invades other series…

Tiger & Bunny is getting so popular that the characters started making cameos in other series even before the series finished airing. Barnaby seems to pop up most often, though Kotetsu has been moonlighting on the side, too. There are probably more examples, and I am not sure which series some of these pictures are from. Feels kinda like “Spot Origami Cyclone” -game but instead of just T&B you’re playing it with all the current anime and manga.

Screenshot from Mayo Chiki.

And for lulz, the photoshopped version of the above.

Apparently Bunny likes to party.

Check out the poster on her wall... From "It’s not my fault that I’m not popular!"

From D.Gray-man.

See that kitty beard? From the manga "Chou Nyouryoku-sha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan".

Screenshot from Sket Dance.

A pretty familiar pose from Mawaru Penguin Drum.


24 comments on “For Fun: When T&B invades other series…

  1. The fourth reference is a page of the manga series “It’s not my fault that I’m not popular!” It was hilarious to spot it while reading and after that I have keep noticing many of these too (Mayo Chiki, D.Gray-man, Sket Dance). Now this makes me hope my favorite artist would draw cameos in their series…

  2. Heh, that’s my photo I took from Weekly Jump with Kotetsu masquerading as a random student. If anyone’s curious the series is a gag manga called Chou Nyouryoku-sha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan. It doesn’t seem to be all that well-known though; I think it began as a oneshot and only recently has become a series? (or maybe it was on hiatus for a while)

  3. I’m not sure if the Penguindrum one is a reference to TB. It’s probably a parady of the Takefuji dance (from a Japanese advert) that I’m fairly sure TB was parodying too. That’s why it says “Borrow responsibly” (because Takefuji is a money-loaning business).

    • Oh I see, I hadn’t seen that commercial. Just about everyone I know who’s seen both T&B and Penguin Drum has commented on how they were parodying T&B in that Penguin episode, so I included it.

  4. I found another versions of a certain manga page in the first picture:

    Images are not mine. They’re from an awesome tumblr user
    Still don’t know what manga it is from, though. Anyone has an idea?

  5. In the first image, the second manga sample is from Suzue Miuchi’s “Glass Mask,” which has been in serialization since the 70’s (I find this pretty amusing because if this isn’t just a result of Miuchi drawing old-school hairdos, then that would mean she is watching T&B).

    I have no idea where the third image is from though.

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