Kenjiro Tsuda’s Haterumade Radio from Ustream

Left to right: Yuuki Fujiwara, Masakazu Morita, Kenjiro Tsuda.

Nathan/Fire Emblem’s VA Kenjiro Tsuda‘s Haterumade Radio had a special broadcast “Tiger & Bunny episode 20 was interesting!” on Ustream after Tiger & Bunny episode 20 finished airing, hosted by Kenjiro Tsuda and Yuuki Fujiwara with Masakazu Morita (Barnaby’s VA) as guest. The recording with video included is now available on Hibiki Radio. No registration is needed to listen/watch.

The show is pretty long (over an hour runtime) and I haven’t watched it all yet, but it’s quite amusing even though they talk so fast at times I can’t keep up with it. (I can’t be the only one amused by Morita’s hairstyle, right?)


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