Samples of the Newtype Ace manga (Updated)

The manga serialization in Newtype Ace with Mizuki Sakakibara as the artist is starting now, and Yaraon already has some sample photos.

I actually haven’t read anything else drawn by Sakakibara so I have no idea how this compares to her usual work. The comic itself looks good judging from the sample photos, but I don’t like the coloring style in the cover and the poster that I included in the previous entry.

This first chapter seems to follow the first anime episode with some alterations. The 2nd sample picture shows a scene that wasn’t in the anime. There’s furigana, like in the first comic anthology, so those not so well-versed in Japanese will have an easier time reading this.

(This manga will go on my “to buy when out as tankobon” list. Like my book shopping list isn’t long enough as it is.)

Update: I was wondering why the magazine cover says 100 pages of Tiger & Bunny yet I was told Sakakibara’s manga chapter is 54 pages. A photo of the list of contents shows three other Tiger & Bunny stories, all by the artists featured in the first anthology from Asuka Comics. I can’t make out the page numbers but the other three stories are definitely enough to bump the page count to 100.



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