For Fun: When You See It…

Tiger & Bunny poster in Miracle Jump issue 4. Look closely, because when you see it…

(I actually laughed out really loud for a good few minutes when I realized it. This poster is amazing and I wish I could get it somehow!)


4 comments on “For Fun: When You See It…

  1. Poor Origami got his ninja appearance spoilt… xD
    Apart from that I thought it was the “bomb is going to explode” and the “Tiger & Bunny ARRESTS bomber”….

  2. LOL Origami. And…if they are refering to WILD TIGER, why is it Kotetsu? And by that i mean, Kotetsu, why aren’t you wearing your MASK? This means Kotetsu will reveal his identity to the public later? Or it is just a mistake from the illustrators in the magazine?

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