Artist list for the first official comic anthology

The cover and some art samples for the first official anthology from DNA Comics are out, along with artist list.

TIGER & BUNNY Comic Anthology
Publisher: DNA Comics / Ichijin-sha
ISBN: 9784758006491
Price: 890 JPY [Buy!]

Cover art: Mikanagi Touya
Ichimaru Makoto, Tsushima Shuu,
п-NEKO-R。, Mikawa Beruno, Yuzu Mame, RAMta, Risuno
Manga: Aiko, Arawa, Eikichi, Kari Erika, Kirai Yuu, Kugura Shiichi, Kukuka Renai, Kurosawa Mao, Koutake Hiroyoshi, Secco, Nakatsu, Himeki, marina

I’ve got this one on preorder, but I’m not sure yet how I’ll review all the manga. I may wait for the stuff that’s slated for September to come out so I have something to compare. (I’m pretty sure this anthology won’t have serious stories, knowing the few artists I recognise from the list.)


2 comments on “Artist list for the first official comic anthology

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