More manga anthologies (updated)

Apart from the already announced manga publications, I noticed a few more have stealthily popped up.

  • There are three Tiger & Bunny: GO! GO!! anthologies listed on Amazon Japan (1, 2, 3), two of them are already on Hobby Search. The anthologies are published by Movic and coming out in September/October.

Judging from the artist listing on Amazon Japan, the GO! GO!! books will probably be gag, and I know at least some of the artists have done doujinshi. The Asuka Comics anthologies will be written and illustrated by Mayu Shinjo (thanks to shukamu for the information).

I’ve preordered them all and I’m planning to review them once they arrive, if they turn out to be any good. At least books don’t sell out as fast on preorders as figures, that’s some consolation for me as a book collector. (´_ゝ`)

5 comments on “More manga anthologies (updated)

  1. So much T&B print merchandise and I want it aaaall! /wallet is crying ;A;

    I think I will again wait for your review before purchasing. They’re very helpful!
    Do you think they’ll license these in North America? I can’t read Japanese. xD;;

    • I have no idea about NA licences, but at the moment I’m doubtful. I think it’s more likely that the serialized mangas might get licenced, especially Sakakibara’s since she’s drawn for Marvel.

  2. The two titles you mentioned for the Asuka comic anthologies will be written and illustrated by Mayu Shinjo, who’s a famous shojo mangaka. She also posted a few of her T&B fanart on her twitter.

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