It’s over 900!


There’s a Tiger&Bunny only doujin event in Tokyo on July 18th. So far the T&B doujins we’ve seen haven’t been anything special, but because I have great hopes for this event I’ve been keeping an eye on the site for a few weeks now.

About a week ago they announced that because there was so much interest from the artists wanting to take part, the event was moving to a bigger venue with space for over 900 circles. At the time I thought that it felt like total overkill. I mean, when the sign ups for the event closed there were only 9 episodes out. How many books could there be? And today, the circle list went up.

At the same time our jaws hit the floor.

There are 974 circles taking part. That’s a completely mindblowing number for a series that hasn’t even reached its halfway mark. If we do a little math here… I pulled 10 random doujins from my bookshelf and measured them (for science, of course). On average a doujin is about 3,5mm thick, give or take a bit. If each circle releases at least one book (and some already have more than one out!) and they’re piled up, that pile would be 3,4m high. (That’s 11’15” for you non-metric people.)

I have no idea where to start compiling our shopping list for the event.

Aki_the_geek: …. you’d have to spend the whole day browsing the circles’ sites
Aki_the_geek: if you spend one minute per site that’s like 16 hours
Aki_the_geek: mother of-
derpchan: insanity
Aki_the_geek: WHAT IS THIS
Aki_the_geek: I DON’T EVEN

In general the amount of new fan art that flows into Pixiv each day is indescribable. Right now the count on the tag says 28,190 illustrations. A Pixiv index page shows 20 artworks, so that’s over 1,400 pages of just Tiger&Bunny art. And there’s another 4600+ non-illustrated stories listed under the tag, too. I don’t remember any other fandom I’ve been part of that had such an explosive start.

We think it’s actually… kinda awesome. Can’t get enough of this stuff. (Also, this is more math than I’ve done in months.)

Uh, we’d love to get recs for artists we should check out before the event… If there’s someone out there who isn’t as overwhelmed by the list as we are.


9 comments on “It’s over 900!

    • Ha, “epic” is an excellent word to describe this.

      Though I still want to burst into tears when I think of looking through that circle list… (*´Д`)

  1. Thanks to Pixiv/Twitter, I know Hoshino Lily (or Twinge) has a T&B doujin in preparation.
    Crazy9 made some Durarara! ones (And good ones at that.) They’re pretty violent and twisted so it made be the case for T&B ones as well.
    Caravel looks interesting even though she doesn’t seem to have any T&B fanart at the moment.
    If I remember correctly, Suzuki Tsuta got into the fandom, didn’t she? Her art’s so good~

    Ah hum, hope it helps…? >>

    • I’ve seen samples of Hoshino’s T&B art, it looks pretty nice. (It’s exciting how many actual mangaka are getting into the series!) I’ve seen some of Crazy9’s stuff for Durarara!! and also some she already did for T&B but I really don’t like her style. ^^ It’s a bit too much “in your face” for my tastes.

      I’ll be sure to check out the others you mentioned since I’m not familiar with them, thanks for the suggestions!

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