What happens in Sternbild, stays in Sternbild

Hello! This is derpchan, the member of This is Sternbild who thinks saturdays are the best days ever! Episode 14 post coming tomorrow, after I’m done with work and stuff. In the mean time, I’ll let you in on what normally goes on with us bloggers on saturdays (aka. Tiger&Bunny days).

We’re both European, so Tiger&Bunny airs in the evening for us. I often make a long blog post to pass time (but not today, I had other things to keep me busy). We discuss what went on in the previous episodes and toss around theories to pass the time if we both happen to be around. We usually watch the episode as soon as possible after the first airing ends, once it’s available at one of our usual haunts. And then we talk some more. Tonight we spent some 4-5 hours dissecting the episode. Yes we are that passionate.

By the way, the new OP and ED songs are very nice! I’m happy to find that I like both of them again, just like with the first set. It’s pretty rare that I like both OP and ED of a series at the same time.

Tomorrow, on This is Sternbild: episode 14 post. See ya!

One comment on “What happens in Sternbild, stays in Sternbild

  1. “Tonight we spent some 4-5 hours dissecting the episode.”

    I don’t recall dissecting nothing.

    I do recall being busy going “what is happening”, “idefk” and “gaaaay”.

    Just sayin’.

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