You may still get lucky with the figures

So who managed to snag a preorder? I sure didn’t, but it’s more due to not having the finances right now, since I’ve ordered the official books and stuff. (Also, I’m not a figure collector, I only buy figures occasionally.)

Deformeister set is still available at HLJ as a blind box set of 10. I’ve been checking other stores and seems that Toys Logic is still taking preorders not only for Deformeisters but also Wild Tiger and Barnaby. (I’ve never ordered from Toys Logic but HLJ in my experience has good service.) It’s possible there are more stores where they’re still available.

If you missed your chance on Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. figures this time, don’t despair. There’s still hope. Be ready to stalk the stores when the release dates near, because it’s possible that people cancel their preorders.

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