Kotetsu’s cap is going to be made for sale! The executive producer of Tiger&Bunny, Masayuki Ozaki tweeted that he’d tried on the sample hat the other day. (Via ANN.)

Our immediate reaction was “do want”. And not just the hat, there’s a ton of things in the series that could be turned into character goods with ease, starting with the plushie in episode 5. We rounded up a quick list of items:

  • Pao Lin’s hairpin
  • Barnaby’s necklace
  • Yuri Petrov’s (fabulous) hairclips
  • Nathan’s star earrings
  • pink rabbit plushie
  • Mad Bear mascots
  • Heroes’ communicator bracelets

Kotetsu wears other bracelets, too, so those could also be a possibility. But weepinbelll on Tumblr noted that maybe his wife died of cancer and one of the bracelets is a pancreatic cancer awareness bracelet. This doesn’t sound too far fetched because of the amount of detail there is in the series.

There’s bound to be a lot more merchandise coming to the market because of how popular the show is getting. The popularity’s even affecting products that aren’t directly tied to the companies sponsoring the heroes but that are shown just briefly in some scenes, like the perfume bottle in one episode. It’s also worth mentioning the Official Hero Book that’s coming out in the end of July. Character profiles on the official site are really short compared to how much information most other series give about their characters, and I’m hoping the book will have complete profiles.

The Wild Tiger figure produced by S.H. Figuarts sold out already on preorders (you may get lucky and find it still available somewhere but it won’t be cheap), and I’m told that the Hero TV t-shirts are selling out, too. (Thanks, Kuuki.)

I don’t know about anyone else, but Sunrise can take all of our money for mini voice i-dolls of Kotetsu (“Lil’ Bunny!”) and Barnaby (“My name’s not Bunny, it’s Barnaby!”). Well, almost all. We want to get bunny plushies and those hats and… Yeah. (And I already preordered the Official Hero Book.)

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