Kotetsu & Barnaby chibi-arts PV

I’ve posted this on our Twitter and on our Facebook page, but I’m going to post it here too because… because…


All I have in my head after watching this is kawaii fluffy things and I think I’m making “uguu” sounds. I can’t help it, I want to roll in the cuteness.

Update: Some lovely person got to the translation before we did.

6 comments on “Kotetsu & Barnaby chibi-arts PV

  1. The blushing and the awkward moments with the rice and the plush…..
    Too much. Just too much to handle.

    Translator where are though?!

    • There was a picture of the finished product exhibited in one of the toy events and it had corrected eye color. I don’t know why they won’t simply shop the right color on the promotional images since it’s misleading.

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