For Fun: Pre-order Bingo

Today’s pre-order war over G.E.M. Kotetsu inspired me to make this bingo chart. (I doubt anyone has time to play bingo while smashing F5, tho.) This is a v2 of the bingo chart because I realized I’d left out a rather important one.

Well, you know the drill. Re-arrange to your liking or add some objectives of your own for future wars!

14 comments on “For Fun: Pre-order Bingo

  1. “You get to the checkout and see Sold Out.” <– This D: I thought I had it because I got all the way to the confirm payment screen and then it was sold out on me.

  2. Oh wow, if only I knew he would come with a masked face I would’ve tried to fight for it too… oh crap, forgot the major issue – my ISP decided the “time of the preorder wars” was just fine for making maintenance, so I had no access from the start =/

      • The figure value would be set as USD – my local customs really hate this and taxes everything over $50, that’s why ordering directly from Japan is better in my particular case ^^;;
        Do GEM figures run rereleases? (I’m guessing they don’t)

        • They have in the past, at least I know the Gintama GEMs have had re-releases.

          Archonia is Europe based so it might be an option depending on where you live, but I don’t know when they list stuff.

        • Sorry to jump in, but if you can grab a proxy, some online stores selling him in Japan are making him available tomorrow. No times yet listed, though.

          • I do use proxies already… but I order doujin, which is a much cheaper kind of product and grants cheaper proxy fees ^^;;

            Either way, my Figuarts Zero Kotetsu finally shipped yesterday. I’m glad I’ve managed to get a figure of him, at last~

  3. I finally got him at CD Japan but I went through first trying to order him at Ami Ami, Hobby Search, and Big in Japan where he was sold out each & every time.

    Spent a little more than I would have preferred but it is Kotetsu…now I just have to hope Barnaby will be easier (in my dreams).

    And yes I did listen to my T&B music on the way to work (victory music).

  4. Ahahaha omg, sounds like lulz. I love the bingo card! …now to see if I has the money for another figure… /ordered the posable Bunny & Tiger in their suits recently

    >__> H-hey, I have to have something to go with my magazines somehow! :3

  5. I was able to get him on AmiAmi. I don’t even know how. HS crashed on me for the first time. I wasn’t able to get my P.O.P Nico Robin in the end. In all the years that I have been collecting figures and battling every month for One Piece figures I have never experienced what happened last night. It was brutal. Kotetsu broke the internet.

    The “JPY exchange rate makes you cry” makes me laugh. I go through this every month. I created a special hashtag for my exchange rate distress.. #TearsOfBlood

  6. hahaha… My experience in getting GEM Kotetsu is really, really priceless…. I was standing by @ Amiami on both computer & my phone, the days was super hot because they were fixing the aircond in the office. Then 30 minutes before 5pm (or 18:00JST), the whole area where I was working had a blackout. My work since 3pm didn’t survive the blackout….

    Desperately, I have to rely on the phone connection to work the miracle (with 30% of battery remaining). Amiami crashed 5 minutes after the time, then I remembered HLJ sure to have it… managed to grab GEM there.. I was shouting in success when a fellow coworker looked at me like a weirdo, telling me “You’re just like a kid…” hahaaha… doesn’t matter, got it!

    “You get to the checkout and see Sold Out.” <—- soo true on many occasions, especially the chibi ones *shake fists*

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