Pre-order News: MegaHouse G.E.M. series Kaburagi T. Kotetsu

This morning MegaHouse finally announced via tweet the pre-order date for its G.E.M. series Kaburagi T. Kotetsu figure. The pre-order for the scale figure of everyone’s favorite moe ojisan will open on May 9th at 18:00 JST. He will retail at 6,800 JPY with an expected September release.

Which ones of you will be hitting F5 or Command R on a continuous loop on May 9th? This is going to be an interesting battlefest since MegaHouse has decided to open Kotetsu’s pre-order at the same time with One Piece P.O.P Sailing Again Nico Robin. I expect G.E.M series Kotetsu to sell out within minutes.

13 comments on “Pre-order News: MegaHouse G.E.M. series Kaburagi T. Kotetsu

  1. Holy shit, 18h JST = 06h in the morning for me… that, and the price, makes it kind of a pass.

    Also, I’ve already ordered the Figuarts Zero Kotetsu, which has a strikingly similar pose for about half the value. I’d be more inclined to buy something like a Kotetsu Figma instead, for the sole reason of posing him differently.

    • I was thinking that too, Laura. But, if you haven’t gotten your figure yet, just know that the Zero figure is tiny in comparison to the GEM release.

      I like the GEM release’s size. I’d really like to see a playarts or something similar for Kotetsu and Barnaby, however, instead of these static figures.

      • But of course, for hardcore collectors, each new release is always a burden – I’m content enough being an owner of the Figuarts Zero (which has mysteriously been delayed to May 8th at the shop where I bought it), even being smaller.

  2. “I expect G.E.M series Kotetsu to sell out within minutes.”

    Sounds optimistic, he’ll probably be sold out as fast as it takes for people to click through to checkout. The price might hold back some buyers but Kotetsu figures always sell out quickly, even the chibi-arts.

    • I give him mintues since I know both HS and AmiAmi will glitch. XD I know that MH G.E.M series has a lot more available for pre-order than the P.O.P’s do. When AmiAmi had the old site they would have 5,000 listed as pre-order/stock availability. Let’s hope that this is the number each site will have available.

  3. G.E.M has always sold out within a reasonable amount of time (2 month +), but it’s hard to say with Tiger&Bunny merchandises…

  4. If you can’t get him at places like Ami Ami and Hobby Link Japan then I expect he will be available at US online stores that sell Japanese figures are even Mandarake as bit later. Although I want to get him at Ami Ami for the price (it will probably be signifigantly reduced).

    Now I just need to figure out what time May 9th at 18:00 JST is EST. 🙂

  5. @nekomimipii
    There is no info on the scale size yet. I would guess that he will be the same scale size as the other figures releases in the series which is 1/8 (H=215 mm (8.39 in). I did order the “Figure-oh NO.171 Top Feature: TIGER & BUNNY” magazine which, I believe has some scans of the G.E.M series Kotetsu.

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