Breaking The Radio Silence, And Some Movie Info

It’s been a while since the last post, though I admit not much has happened, apart from Hirata Hiroaki winning a seiyuu award for his role as Kotetsu (we’re still hoping for Morita to get an award for his role, because damn he was good). Also, Aki was busy with her studies and I was sick for almost two weeks so the time&energy haven’t been on our side.

My wallet started to feel a bit better and more supportive of my shopping habit when I got a full time job for two months starting this week. Then I celebrated my new job by ordering the limited edition of Katsura’s artbook and now my wallet has a nervous twitch. (I had been lusting for that book for months so it just couldn’t be helped.) The downside is that due to my new working hours, I may miss the preorder window of chibi-arts Kotetsu tomorrow.

Ok, enough personal blogging, and on to…

Movie Info

Some magazine spoilers are popping up on 2ch, here’s what we got so far via /a/:

  • The first movie is a partially a retelling of the TV series integrating Kotetsu’s past; the movie is centered on Kotetsu’s past and the unknown side of Barnaby, and provides a deeper look into the two of them. Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani.
  • The second movie is an all-new story, which will also contain some new characters, though the old supporting cast will be explored too. The two movies are standalone.
  • The ticket sales start on March 24 and there will be a live programme on Ustream the same day.
  • Satou will not direct either of the movies due to schedule conflicts, but he is participating in the planning.
  • The first movie incorporates a different POV than the TV series and has a lot of “behind the scenes” happenings.
  • Two thirds of the movie is new material.
  • Heroes will have their moments.
  • Matsui: We will see a different side of closed and revenge-focused Barnaby. It wasn’t seen that much within the TV series, but it has been present the whole time. I think he will be shown as an even more fascinating individual.

SOLD OUT: The Tickets Edition

Nishida on the movies:

  • Q: What should we expect from Kotetsu and Barnaby? What about the two of them would you like to show?
    N: The two movies are set at different points chronologically, so writing about the different distance between them is very enjoyable. They are bound by a very close and firm bond, but I would like to write about how their different ages and circumstances will be causing trouble.

So I was right when I suspected Satou wouldn’t be directing, he’s just too busy. I hope Nishida won’t rewrite what doesn’t need rewriting. There’s no reason to retcon anything.

Update: More stuff from Animage.

  • The first movie’s script is completely done, but Nishida is still writing the second’s.
  • Nishida not only writes the story/script, but also checks the storyboards.
  • Tamura about the first movie: The events connect to one incident seen in the TV series as well. And as the events and memories unfold and are added, the character exploration takes place. We hope that even people who have never seen T&B before will be able to say “Oh, so this is what the story was about.”

Movie site is now open!

20 comments on “Breaking The Radio Silence, And Some Movie Info

  1. Does anyone know what kind of budget the movies will have? I really should be paying more attention to this, I can’t wait for the films after all! But will it be awesome or will it just be the usual anime fair in the same way that Bleach’s movies are really subpar?

  2. Good question about the budget! I would hope it looks at least as good as the series. I also hope those of us who can’t get to the theater won’t have to wait years to see it.

      • If you’re waiting exclusively for a Sunrise release then, yeah, it’ll be awhile. If you’re looking for a high quality bootleg, then go to Ebay. I picked up the “Malayasian” version of the entire series, all 25 episodes, English-subbed, in a nice double-disk box set for next to nothing. I don’t expect the movie to be any different. It just all depends on precisely how picky you are for your copy.

        • Buying bootlegs = no money for the creators = not supporting the series.

          It’s not about being picky, it’s about whether you want to give the money to some Chinese rippers or to the people who actually worked on the show.

          • I know. I don’t deliberately buy bootlegs (you have to be careful, especially where Cowboy Bebop O.S.T.s are concerned, they’re almost ALL boots) and I can’t imagine supporting theft of IP like that, but I do feel the frustration.

            There are region free blu rays for sale on, but the series is right how out on 8 separate discs for $50+ each. Add shipping, and you’re talking about roughly $500 (US) for the series. And there’s no guarantee those aren’t bootlegs either. I’m guessing they’re not, but you never know.

            It almost sounds like the first movie is going to be telling the story from Bunny’s point of view, which I would LOVE. Too bad there are no dates scheduled in Florida. 😦

          • I’m hoping Bandai will put out a proper box set for a more reasonable price, though I might wait for the North American release and import those instead if they’re out before a Japanese box set.

            There’s still a possibility that Viz will bring the movies to the cinema in the USA – it’ll never happen here so I’m just stuck waiting for the BDs. orz

  3. Oh! It’s been a while since I last visited, the site looks different now! That aside…

    al;skjdfl;askdjfklasdjfasdf I can NOT wait for these movies, especially the first one with Kotetsu’s past…! I’ve also not really paid much attention to Barnaby’s; I just kinda brushed it off as probably being angsty, but that tidbit about his academy days and liking someone did make me revise my thinking about it, so now I’m also interested in his past, too.

    Just when I think my enthusiasm for this series has died down to occasional random moments (various outbursts of “Take before it is taken” and “OUROBOROS”), something new pops up and I’m smitten all over again. I love it!

  4. I’m excited, but nervous — I *so* don’t want them to screw it up! I actually don’t care about what the budget is or how good it looks, so long as it’s written well. I’m sure with Satou looking over Nishida’s shoulder it’ll all be good.


  5. “…They are bound by a very close and firm bond, but I would like to write about how their different ages and circumstances will be causing trouble. …”

    This may not be the best place to ask, but just how old is Tiger supposed to be anyway? He LOOKS young, but his voice and some of his mannerisms (plus the way he dresses in a way) are older. My first guess would be in his 30’s – he has a 9 year old daughter and I would say he’s probably at least 10 years older than Bunny. Have they ever said how old he is?

    Not that it’s that important, but it has me very curious. How old is the ‘old man?’ xD

    • Apparently, Hirata has confirmed Kotetsu is 35 when the series starts, so he is 37 at the last episode – we don’t know when his birthday is so this is as accurate as it gets. Barnaby was 23 at start and 26 at the last episode.

      • Awesome, thanks so much. That’s about the age I put him when I first started watching it, but people kept referring to him as ‘old’ and it threw me off.

        But maybe to some people, mid-30’s IS old.

        • Tsk tsk. He revealed it on some radio show I think, apparently all ages were in the initial first episode script but whether those will make it to the scripts in King of Works… we’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. Many thanks for the update. So far it all sounds great and I love the direction the plot seems to be going. Some background info on the pair would be great. Are we still looking for a release date of September for the first movie? Because, golly, this is an early time to start selling tickets!

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