Tiger & Bunny Awarded At Tokyo Anime Fair

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 announced award winners, and Tiger & Bunny is receiving three awards: TV Anime Excellence Award (shared with Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Seiyuu Award (Hirata Hiroaki as Wild Tiger), and Character Design Award (Katsura Masakazu).

Last year’s Tokyo International Anime Fair was cancelled due to the earthquake, after all the initial controversy with the boycott threats caused by Tokyo Youth Development Ordinance. This year the actual fair will take place in March.

(Personally, I’d have given the seiyuu award to Morita, he went above and beyond all my expectations as Barnaby. Or it should have been an ensemble award, because you can’t have Tiger without Barnaby.)


5 comments on “Tiger & Bunny Awarded At Tokyo Anime Fair

  1. Ah! Three wonderful awards for three outstanding achievements! What a wonderful thing to read. If this kind of recognition doesn’t turn people’s heads, I fear nothing will. I’m in such a great mood about hearing this, I’m not even going to get into a Who’s-The-Better-Voice-Actor debate between Hiroaki Hirata and Masakazu Morita. As derpchan noted; You can’t have Tiger without Barnaby.

    … even if some of us wished that would happen. Heh.

  2. “(…it should have been an ensemble award, because you can’t have Tiger without Barnaby.)”
    Same thoughs ^_^ But I’m really happy that this wonderful anime won those awards, it really deserves recognition.

  3. I agree that Morita was most impressive as well. I always thought he was good, but his work in Tiger and Bunny really blew me away. I could picture Morita making funny faces while saying the lines sometimes lol

  4. Huh. I’m somewhat…taken aback…by the winner of the seiyuu award. But of course, I guess saying I prefer Morita’s voice acting over Hirata’s is going to get me more hate than love, so I’m not gonna talk about it on any discussion boards LOL.

    And now all those who post here after me are free to berate me on the idiocy of my preferences, and ask me whether I’m hearing-impaired (and no, I’m not)! XD

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