Translations from Monthly Hero 6

Monthly Hero is a booklet that comes with the Limited Edition BDs. The 6th issue that came with vol. 6 has some interesting stuff. Putting these here for reference since I’ll probably need them for another post later.

Thanks to translatorbros for translating.

Wild Tiger and Barnaby are in their top form this season. Their efforts in protecting Sternbild have resulted into even more favorable reputation to Barnaby, while Wild Tiger has made an almost miraculous return and now is showing his qualities as a veteran. Let’s now look back at this glorious combination’s activities during the previous season.

The first hero duo: the beginning of a legend and…
“Being at the right place at the right time” and “similar mind, shared heart” – this is the bond between partners.

As they enter their second year, the pair Tiger and Barnaby is in their top form. After their furious battle during Jake’s Seven Matches they have shot up in both popularity and point rankings. At the end of last season Barnaby took the first place and the MVP title, while Wild Tiger finished at the very favorable fourth place.

Now, as they enter the new season, their tempo seems unshakable and they are in high demand from the mass media. The secret of their remarkable progress lies in “being at the right place at the right time” and “similar mind, shared heart”.

While they are partners and Heroes, they are also two people who compete for points. However, trying to earn points in the situation one is not suited for can easily end in failure. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so they maximize their effectiveness by dynamically shifting the main burden of work between themselves depending on the circumstances. This communication is nonverbal and automatic, and they call it “Being at the right place at the right time” and “Similar mind, shared heart”.

The two of them have already created a legend, especially Barnaby, who is close to surpassing Mr. Legend’s record.

About the tangle incident: A blunder that happened during their debut. However it can be said that one of the reasons why they failed was because their strategies were actually similar.

Good Luck Mode: This kind of super play is only possible if the two are in perfect harmony.

The TV show appearance: The thickness of their trust can be felt in this relaxed conversation.
[TL note: usually, the word “depth” should be used for trust, not “thickness”.]

About Kotetsu’s style: It was a big change that Wild Tiger has learned how to back up and support somebody.

Riding together with Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem being the bridge between them?

The two of them exchanging their opinions right the at the scene of the incident. Lately, such scenes can be seen only very rarely.

The first princess carry: It seems like it was so long since Wild Tiger has last worn his old suit. This princess carry was the start of their love.
[Note: Yes, they use the word 馴れ初め “naresome” which means beginning of a romance.]

The press conference from episode 11: What was revealed there surprised many people.

The establishment of the second league and the increase of crimes committed by NEXTs
The second league was established in response to the increasing number of crimes committed by NEXTs, and also due to the wave of Hero popularity. The NEXTs employed in the second league accumulate experience by working on the lighter crimes, ultimately hoping to be promoted into the first league. That said, the current group of new Heroes has proved to be quite unreliable, fumbling their investigation even when the perpetrator was committing offenses right under their noses.

The menace of high-performance robots with the abilities exceeding those of Heroes
The development of humanoid robots equipped with artificial intelligence had made a tremendous progress thanks to the work of Barnaby’s parents. After their murder however, much of their latest work was lost. Their former colleague Rotwang then took the remaining research materials and in conjunction with his own theories developed the humanoid robot called Six.

Six: Possessing combat capabilities on par with the Heroes and capable of fighting while relying on its own judgement. In that respect it can be said it was a being superior to humans. When it comes to the emotional aspect though, it was infinitely inferior. Whether it was due to the technological limits or lack of data is hard to say.
[Note: Cis, Sis, Six. I wish they’d make up their mind!]

Brooks’ research laboratory, as Barnaby remembers it from his visit when he was small. The robots did not look very humanoid at that point just yet.

The hidden truths about Mr. Legend
Though hailed as the hero of Sternbild, his behavior in private during his last years was anything but heroic. Frustrated over his declining powers, he turned to drinking and domestic violence. His son’s reminiscence sheds light on his real self during his last years.

Mr. Legend: His words still bind Yuri like a curse.

Olga Petrov: Mr. Legend’s wife. Has been suffering from a mental illness ever since her own son Yuri killed her husband before her eyes, and she has yet to forgive him for that. Currently confined to a wheelchair.

Barnaby, who has surpassed the legend itself
Barnaby has set a new record when he surpassed the Mr. Legends achievement at the quarter-season. At the commencement of the HeroTV sponsored corporate party attended by sponsors and other influential parties, Apollon Media’s CEO Maverick called Barnaby “the hero of the new era”, and his subsequent words about the possibility of setting the whole season record showed the extent of expectations placed on Barnaby.

From Nishida’s interview:

How did you end up determining Kotetsu’s and Barnaby’s personalities?
Kotetsu’s personality be seen at the first glance. Barnaby’s on the other hand seems rather chilly, but the original idea of his character was that due to his upbringing he ended up closing his heart. Some of his remarks in episodes 1 and 2 can be seen as rather insulting (“I will never forget that you wasted three minutes of my life.”), but he is actually reinforcing the walls around his heart. As he however opened up to Kotetsu (as we see at the start of the second cour), he felt much joy, and being the “love is blind” type he was prone to overlooking Kotetsu’s faults. However his nature is rather cool and rational, so even if nothing had happened, his judgement would have cooled down somewhat with time.

When writing their conversations, what was that you had to pay most attention to?
During the first half I was careful about how should the things crackle between them and how much warmth in their interactions can be shown. Of course, when it comes to conversation that is something that isn’t limited only to them, as one must always be careful to remember the voice of each character so they don’t end up saying things that would be out of character. Also, their conversations were supposed to have some humor in them, while endearing the character to viewers at the same time. It is easy to laugh at Kotetsu’s antics, but with Barnaby, who is extremely standoffish and sarcastic at the beginning, incorporating his lines into the more humorous setting was quite difficult.


10 comments on “Translations from Monthly Hero 6

  1. Citing another translbro:
    “different kind of thick here, though: 厚 -heavy; shameless; thick; brazen”
    Semantics regarding Kotetsu and Bunny live a wild life of their own…

  2. “The first princess carry: It seems like it was so long since Wild Tiger has last worn his old suit. This princess carry was the start of their love”

    awww xD

  3. “This princess carry was the start of their love.” … and did Nishida just say that Barnaby is “the “love is blind” type” in reference to Kotetsu? After reading all these types of comments around the place it honestly makes it difficult to NOT ship them. Not that I was ever trying not to of course, haha. It’s just that normally I feel like you need to put on your yaoi goggles to see these things but with Kotetsu and Barnaby it’s more or less canon by now, right? XD
    It’s not just that these things tend to get translated by the fangirls, right? I mean, how else could you translate 馴れ初め?

    • Both staff and cast have basically confirmed that what they feel for each other is love. What’s left for interpretation is what kind of love, though this whole business with “naresome” is sure making it hard to argue about that.

    • All of the translations for 馴れ初め deal with falling in love (if you check English Japanese dictionary sites or if you check Japanese dictionary sites). They all also imply romantic love. 馴れ初める implies individuals growing close and then falling in love. So, no matter how you slice it, this isn’t just fangirls putting on yaoi goggles and trying to find a romantic leaning in a word. The word implies romantic love in every definition and connotation.

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