Hero Awards live viewing event to be held (Updated 2011/10/21)

The official Twitter of Tiger & Bunny announced earlier today that a live viewing event would be held together with the first part of NEXT PROJECT, the Hero Awards 2011 event on November 13th. Executive producer Ozaki Masayuki just posted a series of tweets, explaining more details about the event. Due to issues with scheduling and other events, they couldn’t get a bigger venue for the Hero Awards but because the interest for the event tickets was so great, a nationwide live viewing event was decided. The tickets will be available for preorder on 10/13 and as I understood there won’t be a raffle for them this time – scratch that, the official Twitter just announced they will be raffled. There’s a live viewing planned for both the daytime and the evening show of Hero Awards.

The other week, Aki told me that she’d heard the amount of people who wanted tickets for the Hero Awards event was 150 times the amount of available tickets. Kanagawa Kenmin Hall seats 2488 people, and with two shows that day… Well, the number just felt too huge, way too huge even for Tiger & Bunny, and I couldn’t find a source to confirm it anywhere so I just shrugged it off. Now, with the live viewing events planned it doesn’t seem all that far fetched anymore.

I really hope they record these events and release them on BD or DVD later. I want to see them!

Update #1: This tweet seems to confirm that the amount of applicants for the Hero Awards tickets was indeed 750,000. (2011/10/08)

Update #2: Official Twitter announced that the tickets will be raffled. (2011/10/10)

Update #3: e-plus has listed the theaters where Hero Awards 2011 live viewing is available. Aki counted over 100, I got mixed up with my count before I got very far so I’ll just take her word for it. (2011/10/11)

Update #4: Otanews has compiled a more manageable list of the theaters from e-plus. The event will be broadcast to 103 theaters, of which 61 will show both the daytime and the evening show. (2011/10/12)

Update #5: Ozaki is currently visiting New York Comic Con, and he said there that “the studio is hoping to announce the “next step” for Tiger & Bunny at the November 13 event”. Also, English dub for Tiger & Bunny was announced in the same news post at ANN. (2011/10/16)

Update #6: More theaters have been added for the live viewing event, total number is now 107. It’ll be the biggest live viewing event in Japan so far. (2011/10/21)

10 comments on “Hero Awards live viewing event to be held (Updated 2011/10/21)

  1. I agree that a recording of these events would make for a nice DVD special :D… I’m hoping for some nice witty performance on pa5r with the previous event reports :>.
    Well those are A LOT of applicants O_O. This bodes well for some more animated goodness *.* .

  2. Amazing, so the tickets sold out in 10 seconds . . . yeah I think they seriously underestimated the popularity of this anime. lol

    • I think they’ll probably record the event and put it on DVD or BD at some point.

      I doubt it’ll be on Ustream since they’re selling tickets to the live viewing, would defeat the point if people could watch it on Ustream for free.

  3. Taibani fans never fail to amaze me…! If this and the merch success isn’t proof enough that the market is ripe for Season 2…

  4. so, question: based on the attendance at the finale episode, do the producers have a grasp of what demographic they’ve managed to appeal to? there’s the original target market, and then there’s the market that actually buys the merch. i have a feeling the weight in this is skewed…

    • I think they probably have an idea, but I haven’t seen any official numbers. It’s pretty obvious that the series appealed to a considerably wider audience than they expected. So far, almost all merchandise is getting practically torn from the shelves (if it even makes it to the shelves before being sold out on preorders).

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