Hero Gossips and Roman Album on Oricon’s weekly book ranking

Both Hero Gossips and Roman Album made it to Oricon’s weekly general book ranking (this list excludes manga, it has an own list). The figures only include the retailers that Oricon tracks so the actual amount of sold books is probably higher.

23. Tiger & Bunny Official Guide Book Hero Gossips … 13,200 (estimated)
26. Tiger & Bunny Roman Album … 11,757 (estimated)

The first Official Hero Book sold really well, and judging from how fast Hero Gossips seems to be selling it’ll probably reach a similar number, depending on how many copies they’ve printed.

I’m actually having a hard time finding Hero Gossips in stock at the usual outlets where I shop, and Aki was wondering how many of those books have been bought by non-Japanese fans of T&B.

4 comments on “Hero Gossips and Roman Album on Oricon’s weekly book ranking

  1. I totally missed out on buying either! So sad…
    I’m hoping CDJapan restocks, it seems to be the only place with reasonable prices for both the merchandise and shipping. D:

  2. I managed to snag a copy of Hero Gossips from CDJapan, but I remember placing my order quite a long time ago. And I’m from Canada, in response to the bit about non-Japanese fan purchases.

  3. I was lucky to get Hero Gossips before it got sold out on the preorder! I have both that and the 1st Official Hero book, that’s two that made all the way to Mexico ^_^ This is the first time ever I’m so caught up in a series as to actually buy books I don’t understand one bit!

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