BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 5

The 5th volume is coming out tomorrow, September 22nd, but comparisons have already started popping up. They fixed the episode 13 yaranaika face… but it does look much better now. Also Chuckman’s moe eyes were fixed and the word is they’ve added blood to some scenes. Just a few comparisons so far but I’ll add more if/when I find them.

← TV version to the left, BD/DVD version to the right. →

← TV version to the left, BD/DVD version to the right. →

← TV version to the left, BD/DVD version to the right. →

Episode 13 with added blood

Update: Tons more fixes at Himarin.


18 comments on “BD/DVD vs TV comparisons from volume 5

  1. TBH, after seeing many comparisons from TV to BD of this and all the other volumes, I actually prefer the TV version more. I wonder why…. Maybe my eyes are a bit off just like my brain. XDD
    (and aww, they removed his ‘sparkling eyes’. /upset)

    • I like the fixes for the most part. Could be you’re just used to seeing the TV version (if you’ve been rewatching the episodes as many times as I have, lol)? Most of the major fixes on character animation actually look way better in motion than in screencaps. Episode 5 changes on vol 3 looked awful at first when I saw the caps, but when I got the BD they turned out to be big improvements.

      (Though episode 8 derp is still the best derp, at least they left some of it in.)

  2. All of the BD improvements so far look pretty awesome to me. By any chance if someone has it are the english subs the same as the ones we see on hulu? I’ve been meaning to buy one but I don’t know if i should wait for it to come out in the states

  3. So Yuri loses his girly eyelashes. aww
    The last few scenes for the 2nd comparison have some even derpier corrections though, particularly Karina and Pao Lin. lol
    I’ll miss Barnaby’s yaranaika face. But all right, the BD version is manlier.. albeit ’em bigger eyes.

    Still, no doubt of the overall improvement.. 🙂

  4. Hmmmm… And T&B was the series without blood. Interesting (and more realistic) addition of blood on Kotetsu. That Ouroboros man got better, in the TV version looked like some beast guy from Escaflowne D: The only fix I don’t like is Yuri’s. Goddamnit, he ain’t an elf….

  5. Holy moly, they made Yuri prettier. IMPOSSIBURU!

    And thank christ for the blood, honestly, that scene was absolutely ridiculous without it. Such a pity when people have to compromise storytelling for propriety. Maybe they could take his line away for the BD/DVD as well, and just have him see the blood, and not just tell us that’s what it’s supposed to be 😉

    • I think the absence of blood in TV airing had something to do with contract restrictions and such, since they stated pretty quickly after the airing that the scene would have blood added on BDs.

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