Sales numbers for official anime guide books

Tiger & Bunny may not be able to beat Madoka Magica in numbers of sold Blu-rays (which may be due to print amounts), but it’s a clear winner in number of sold official anime guide books.

These numbers include only the Official Hero Book, I didn’t find information on how well Hero TV Fan vol. 1 has been selling.

  1. Tiger & Bunny Official Hero Book ………………….. (980 JPY) …. 26,212 copies
  2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official Guide Book … (2,000 JPY) ….. 18,827 copies
  3. Bakemonogatari Anime Complete Guide Book …… (3,150 JPY) ….. 15,096 copies
  4. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Official Visual Book …… (1,890 JPY) …. 14,271 copies
  5. K-on! TV Anime Official Guide Book …………………. (1,679 JPY) ….. 7,874 copies

Source: Yaraon.

More Official Books

2nd volumes of Official Hero Book and Hero TV fan that cover episodes 14-25 are coming out in late October. There are also two complete series guide books coming out in late September, Hero TV Gossips from Kadokawa Shoten and Tiger & Bunny Roman Album from Tokuma Shoten. They’re available for preorder for example at CDJapan.

(I’m not quite sure why they’re making so many guide books but… I’m still going to buy them all, despite overlapping content.)


7 comments on “Sales numbers for official anime guide books

  1. I missed out on the Official Hero Book, but when I ordered the Character CD from CD Japan, I figured I’d at least get the Hero TV Fan book too since it was still available (might as well with the shipping.) But I got an email from them saying there was a temporary shortage on the book, and it could be another 1-3 weeks! ;_; Shipped yesterday though, so not too bad of a wait! 😀

  2. but looking at how much they made off the sales, (if I’m doing it correctly,)
    bakemonogatari still made more money than madoka which made more than tiger&bunny
    if they had upped the price on OHB, I wonder if the sales would have suffered
    do you think they would have?

    • You shouldn’t look just at how much an individual book costs, most of that price covers the production cost. I’m not sure what the actual profit margin for each book is, and that number may vary between publishers and licencers.

      OHB came out at the same time as HTVF, so that may have affected the pricing to keep it competitive. The second volumes seem to be similarly priced, and the full series books aren’t that much more expensive, either. All the Tiger & Bunny official books are actually very reasonably priced, which probably does invite people to buy them. But I don’t think the sales would have suffered that much if the price had been higher, and if there hadn’t been competition from HTVF. After all, I know many people who bought both OHB and HTVF!

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