Manga news updates

There are three Tiger & Bunny manga publications planned.

It seems that Katsura’s one-shot will also be included in his Tiger & Bunny illustration book. I’m not sure if it’ll be in both versions, the regular edition without figure hasn’t been made available for preorders yet. I’ve yet to dig out the artist list for the anthology, they’re not listed on the Ichijinsha site, either. (I preordered it anyway, lol.)

Note: If you want any of the books (not just the mangas), I really recommend ordering them asap. Some sites list the Official Hero Book as out of print (meaning not able to restock). The Official Hero TV Fan Book is still available in the places I checked, but that might not last long if the other book is already out of print. Manga anthology’s been sold out on preorders in some places already and it’s a month to release. I can’t tell if this is because they weren’t prepared for the series to be so popular and haven’t printed enough, or because the demand is really just so high the first print can’t meet it.

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